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  1. yours

    What factors led you to study at past/current university?

    Except that the uni is so big u can easily spend another ten minutes getting to your class if its, say, in the quad or education building. Since you do engineering its no wonder you get to class that fast since the engineering block is the closest one to redfern trainstation.
  2. yours

    Does SC mean anything?! Compare your SC and HSC here.

    For me the only relevant one is in english since that's the only subject I did in both SC and HSC: SC: english 85 HSC: english 95 I know when I was in year 10 after getting 85 I thought I was an idiot and would never be any good at english. There's proof it can change for anyone who's doubting...
  3. yours

    Cost for HSC raw marks

    How is it that last year they found 30$ was an appropriate fee, and this year for the exact same thing it's 5/6 times that? Can someone explain this sudden jump? :\ I mean for me I did 8 subjects because of my extensions, so this seems unfair. That would be around 240$? If anyone thinks...
  4. yours

    haha thanks that was cute

    haha thanks that was cute
  5. yours

    Need Advice!!!

    hi (This will be advice regarding the HSC language test style more so than French itself) The above is all very good advice (from kitti) in terms of language learning. But in terms of the test, how did you feel as you did it? I think we often know whether we find things hard or easy, but...
  6. yours

    Misadventure/illness How does it work?

    what happens if you apply for illness/misadventure but do better in the exam than the moderated assessment mark?
  7. yours

    Why would I need a girlfriend if I have a Nintendo 64?

    crash bandicoot! haha I remember playing that when I was like 8. Also spyro! I love those games
  8. yours

    I need some help about performing in front of people. Can you help me?

    this happened to me a lot for my year 12 performance assessments. The worst thing is to stop and pause - when you make a mistake skip the bar and continue (this is easier for solo than ensemble). People say 'it gets easier'. I say stop lying. It's been exactly as hard for every performance exam...
  9. yours

    Why would I need a girlfriend if I have a Nintendo 64?

    what chrissie was saying before is really true... There's this idea that playing games is lame (and this extends to using the computer for anything besides facebook) and isn't something girls do. So if you do it's not like you talk about it. I think heaps you ask who act 'clueless' know...
  10. yours

    Morning of an exam breakfast?!

    usually nutella on toast and a glass of milk (I love milk! lol) The nutella's really nice because it melts from the heat of the toast and then it tastes better (don't know why)
  11. yours

    It's the end...the dawn is upon us

    I kind of know what you mean. But even now when I come in to return things to teachers I feel this weird 'out of place'-ness. Like I'm intruding into another world and all the kids have got this thing that I'm no longer part of... it's really strange! Do you know what I mean? Like when you're...
  12. yours

    Post your pile

    you're so organised! I don't have a pile... just loose paper and books covering my desk and floor (!!!) edit: Same as above ^^^ but worse
  13. yours

    anyone elses parents/family not give a flying fek about your HSC?

    Same. Be glad they aren't overbearing. When my parents started 'taking an interest' it became intrusive so I stopped telling them about school. They don't really care and I don't really care that they don't really care. =D
  14. yours

    What happens if the person coming first internally fucks up externally?

    that would be fantastic because then you would purely get the mark you deserve. None of this bs 'moderating' business.
  15. yours

    which module scales the best?

    Do you have any evidence to support this claim?
  16. yours

    General Thoughts: Music 1

    I didn't use it either. I had no idea we could until today in the exam when the lady said it was available! It's no big thing... 75% of the mark has already been decided anyway so this exam was pretty insignificant.
  17. yours

    Listening Test for Advanced English?

    they're all texts (aren't they? They were for us...) and you know the question while you're listening to them. So get lots of quotes and start thinking of how to answer the question during 'note taking' time. You can also consider tone of voice e.g. intonantion, pace, volume as part of the...
  18. yours

    So.. 1 more exam to go.

    Next exam is 7 days away... I'm sleeping in.
  19. yours

    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    best:german ? worst: they were all fine. It's the anxiety-causing study that gets to me!