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  1. goobi

    Looking for private Advanced English + Ext. 2 Math tutor(s) in Hurstville area

    Hi there, I'm looking for a tutor or tutors for my sister in preparation for the 2014 HSC. She needs help on Advanced English and Extension 2 Math. We live near Hurstville, thus prefer tutor(s) who are either willing to come to our place or Hurstville library. I'm looking for someone who is...
  2. goobi

    Online resource password for Prue Vines' Foundations of the Legal System (LAWS1052)?

    Just wondering if anyone knows the password for the online Lecturer Resources of the textbook (http://www.oup.com.au/titles/higher_ed/law/aust__and__nz_legal_system/9780195551440). If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know via PM or something coz I really need it...
  3. goobi

    goobi's English Adv. raw marks

    Paper 1 - 1a: 2/2 Paper 1 - 1b: 2/2 Paper 1 - 1c: 3/3 Paper 1 - 1d: 3/3 Paper 1 - 1e: 4.5/5 Paper 1 - 2 (Creative Writing): 11.5/15 Paper 1 - 3 (Essay - Emily Dickinson poetry): 13.5/15 Paper 2 - 2a (Frankenstein and Blade Runner): 18.5/20 Paper 2 - 3 (Hamlet): 18.5/20 Paper 2 - 11...
  4. goobi

    Questions about WAM calculation for a double degree

    I'm doing Arts/Law (first year). Just wondering if I will receive two separate WAMs for my Arts and Law degrees or just a single WAM combined. Which one will be shown on my transcript? Sorry for the noob question :P
  5. goobi

    Is it possible to start off with a double degree, then drop one degree later?

    Is it possible to start off with a double degree at USYD or UNSW, then drop one degree later? If so, when can I do that?
  6. goobi

    HSC 2003 Q4c - Probability

    A hall has n doors. Suppose that n people each choose any door at random to enter the hall. (i) In how many ways can this be done? (ans= n^n) (ii) What is the probability that at least one door will not be chosen by any of the people? I have no problem with part 1, it's just part 2 that...
  7. goobi

    Volume Help

    Question: The region between y=x^2 and y=3x+4 is rotated about x=4. Find the volume formed. (Note that the region is not symmetrical about the y-axis.) When I attempted this question using the cylindrical shell method, I wondered if I had to divide the region into two. Also, it would be...
  8. goobi

    2011 HSC Q8(b) Probability

    So the following is the question that I'm stuck with: A bag contains seven balls numbered from 1 to 7. A ball is chosen at random and its number is noted. The ball is then returned to the bag. This is done a total of seven times. (iii) What is the probability that exactly one of the balls is...
  9. goobi

    Math in Focus Binomial Probability

    One bag contains 5 blue and 3 yellow balls and another bag contains 7 blue and 2 yellow balls. A bag is chosen at random and a ball drawn out. The result is recorded, then the ball is placed back in the bag. If this is done 20 times, find the probability of drawing out 12 blue balls correct to 3...
  10. goobi

    Combination help please!

    In how many ways can 4 boys, including John and Matthew, and 4 girls, including Sally, be arranged in a line if Matthew is between, but not necessarily adjacent to John and Sally? The solution in the back of the book: "The total number of ways to sit 8 people if John, Matthew and Sally stay in...
  11. goobi


    This question is from the Fitzpatrick textbook: How many arrangements can be made of five letters chosen from the alphabet of 26 letters if no letter may be used twice in one word and no word may start with X nor with YZ in that order? My solution: Number of arrangements which exclude X...
  12. goobi


    A chessboard has 64 squares arranged in eight rows of eight. The only moves that a King may make are from the square on which he is standing to an adjacent square. Find the total number of moves from all possible positions that the King can make on a chessboard. The answer is 420 moves but I...
  13. goobi

    Family Law Essay

    If an essay question goes like this: "Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal and non-legal responses to contemporary issues relating to family law," I wonder if it is necessary to talk about ALL of the four issues i.e. recognition of same-sex relationships, parental responsibility, surrogacy...
  14. goobi


    So the following is a Conics question from Terry Lee (p.111). I'm just wondering whenever I attempt questions like 7(a) if I can just substitute the x and y values required into the equation given in order to get full marks, provided that we are told to 'prove' rather than 'derive' the...
  15. goobi

    Curve Sketching

    So this is a table that I've made for transforming the graph of f(x) into that of f'(x) or vice versa. Can anyone please read over it and fill out the blanks for me? Thanks :) <tbody> f(x) f'(x) Positive tangents Above x-axis Negative tangents Below x-axis Concaving up...
  16. goobi

    Binomial Theroem

    This is an easy question (as it's from Math in Focus) but I keep getting the answer wrong. Could someone please read over my working out and tell me what I did wrong? Thanks :) (a) Simplify \frac{\binom{6}{k}}{\binom{6}{k-1}} Solution: \frac{7-k}{k} (which is correct according to the answer in...
  17. goobi

    Simple Harmonic Motion

    Low tide at the mouth of a river occurs at 4pm and high tide at 10pm. Low tide is 4 metres and high tide is 12 metres. A ship needs 10 metres of water to pass safely through the mouth of the river. If the motion of the tides is take to be simple harmonic, what will be the first times during...
  18. goobi

    Binomial Theorem

    Consider\the\,identity\,(1-t)^n(1+t)^n\equiv%20(1-t^2)^n,\,where\,n\,is\,a\,positive\,integer,\,show\,that\,for\,integral\,values\,of\,r,\, \sum_{k=0}^{2r}(-1)^k\binom{n}{k}\binom{n}{2r-k}=(-1)^r\binom{n}{r}\,\,\,\,provided\,\,\,\,0\leq%20r\leq%20\frac{1}{2}n Any help would be appreciated :)
  19. goobi

    Maximum displacement? Maximum velocity? (SHM)

    In Q.18 in Ex. 6.10 from Maths in Focus, "A weight is oscillating at the end of a spring, with velocity given by \small%20V^2=900-1600x^2cm/s. Find the maximum velocity of the weight." My solutions are: When \small%20x=0, \small%20v^2=900 \small%20v=\pm%2030cm/s The...
  20. goobi

    Simple Harmonic otion

    Simple Harmonic Motion This is a question from Math in Focus. The period of a particle moving in *EDIT* SHM is 6s and its amplitude is 8cm. Calculate its velocity and acceleration (correct to 1 decimal place) when the displacement is 5cm from the centre of the motion. Okay so these are what...