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  1. yours

    French continuers!

    What did you think of the exam? The masterchef thing was interesting haha, but the listening was so full of stuff! It took me extra time to get it all down... though no 'language techniques' questions which was nice =) was the guy writing the job application trying out to be a camp counselor...
  2. yours

    German Extension

    Hi! What did you think of the exam? Is Hermann Hermann a victim or a villain? How would Hedwig react to the TV-throwing-wig-debacle thing? What about the conversation script with Allan? And which essay question?
  3. yours

    A painting as a related text?

    What do you think of using a painting as a related text? Who has experiences with this? I mean for belonging
  4. yours

    cross-institutional study

    Does anyone have experience with this for USyd?? I can't find anything on it on the website which is a mess to navigate. Do they allow it for arts? Have you done it? I mean in terms of doing the degree at sydney but completing some units/courses at another uni like macquarie
  5. yours

    is sam working?

    whenever I wanted to know what my atar would be I just typed 'atar calculator' into google and used the first site which was always http://www.atarcalculator.com.au/ but just now I used SAM with the same results and the ATAR was 5 marks different. Which one is accurate?
  6. yours

    How many quotes per paragraph?

    How many? Also, how many paragraphs? (IGNORING INTRO AND CONCLUSION)? I'm talking about modules. how many do you usually do? I think this is a more specific way to consider how 'in-depth' an essay is since we've all agreed the page count can be everything and anything. (well, people end up...
  7. yours

    which language

    Can anyone doing (any) language at Usyd give me some feedback on their course? Also, are the beginners courses taught in english or in the language itself? (junior 1). Same Question for Junior 2, in english or the lang? Thanks:tree: