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    dropping a subject

    I'm thinking of dropping a subject, have already paid the fees. If I drop it before 31st March, will I get the money back somehow or will it be transferred over to next semester? and is there any paper work involved or do I simply drop it from my.unsw? cheers
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    Exam timetable sem2 2006

    Just realised Exam timetable existed in "My Student Profile" in my.unsw. How likely is it that it'll be changed?? I've got a shit timetable :(. 14th, 15th, 16th and 24th!! Last one's cool though, got a week to study.
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    COMP2411 --Logic and Logic Programming

    hi, I cant seem to find this course when trying to enrol, has it been cancelled/ changed its name/code?..sounded interesting though :( thanks in advance
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    hi, ive heard that u need at least DN in 1711 or 1011 in order to do comp1721, is this true? if so is there any chance u can do 1721 without a mark > 75%? thanks
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    math 1131 quest

    are we allowed to use calculators in the exam (or do they supply us one)? and do we get the integrals sheet? thnks
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    phys 1131 test

    hey, I know this is pretty stupid question, but is the Test 1R same as Test 1.. i.e. 100% same questions cos it says Final Examination [Test 2 and Test 1R (Test 1 Repeat)] -- the word repeat is confusing me thanks
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    linux -- sleep

    hey, how do u put linux to sleep (stand by)..im using mandrake 10.1 thanks
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    <80% tute

    wat happens if u have less than 80 % attendence for ur tutorial, i havent got any so far but just wanna know.
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    quake 3

    hey, how do u play quake 3 on cse computers?
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    hey, is there any limit on how much u can print in the labs per semeseter?
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    I cant seem to access the forum on the site for some reason. I type in my username + password (pretty sure its correct) and it displays the message "You do not have permission to view this board You are NOT logged in" Is there anything else im supposed to do that im missing (oh btw i...
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    tax file no. help

    hey i had lost my tax file no. b4 but after enrolling i found it. How do I enter it in? I go to My student profile-->personal statistics (under personal details), but cant enter it in.....it just says not provided. TIA
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    hi, just curious are u alowed to eat/drink in class at UNSW unlike most high schools?
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    hey, is there any way i can save the song on hard drive that u listen online in real player realplayer version--10 windows--xp
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    sci/comp sci-----2 things

    hi, could someone plz help me out in 2 things 1. explain the meaning of "permitted clash" 2. link me the science electives im permitted to undertake with my combined degree sci/comp sci, as im unable to find it thanks
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    hi, just say to do hounors in a course require credit average. Does that mean u have to get credit average in the final year or throughout the whole years?
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    first preference

    wat area is ur first prefernce Edit: the poll didnt work in the first thread...so made another one
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    same cut off

    how come some of the courses have the same course code and the cut offs eg.
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    hey, could some one tell me if its free to sms using ICQ to any mobile phone, and if so to what phone companies??
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    hey I wanna apply for rechecking of marks for chem, how do I do it?