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  1. myafanatic

    Can I cancel my deferment?

    Hey guys, I recently deferred my enrolment at Sydney Uni because I'm waiting on acceptance decisions from the USA in April, but I'm now thinking I'd like to start uni here regardless. So I just wanted to know: a) Can I cancel my deferment and enrol this year, even though I've already deferred...
  2. myafanatic

    myafanatic's raw marks

    Got my raw marks back today for anyone who is curious! Ancient History Pompeii/Herculaneum - 23/25 Minoan Society - 25/25 Xerxes - 25/25 Greek World - 22.5/25 Raw: 95.5/100 Raw Weighted: 97/100 Exam: 97/100 HSC: 97/100 Economics Multiple Choice - 18 Short Answer - 37 Fiscal Policy - 16.5...
  3. myafanatic

    ATAR Estimate w/ final marks? :)

    School rank: ~50 Ranks (Final Weighted Marks) Ancient History: 1/21 (95%) Economics: 1/14 (95%) English Advanced: 1/60 (95%) Geography: 1/12 (95%) History Extension: 1/7 (96%) Mathematics: 1-2/27 (91%) Mathematics Ext 1: 3/16 (87%) CSSA Trial Marks Ancient History: 96/100 (96%) Economics...
  4. myafanatic

    What ATAR am I looking at at this stage?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know what sort of ATAR I should be expecting with these ranks - you guys seem so adept at predictions! I'm aiming for 99+, do you think that is achievable for me at the moment? School Rank: ~45-55 Ancient History: 1/23 Economics: 1/15 English Advanced: 1/60...
  5. myafanatic

    How achievable is an ATAR of above 98/99 with my subjects?

    I know you guys get a million of these questions, but I was just wondering how well I can expect to do with my subjects? Here are my subjects: Geography <3 Economics Ancient History Maths Extension 1 English Extension 1 I plan to drop Ancient for Y12 and pick up 4U English as well...