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  1. annabackwards

    Annoying UNSW websites...

    So i've skimmed through the tutes and now i want to do the quiz. The problem is i can't log in. It keeps on saying "An error occurred while the system was processing this login request." Despite me being able to log in with the same details for my Zmail and MyUNSW. If i put in an incorrect...
  2. annabackwards

    What are your final UAC preferences?

    Well i've just checked and double checked my preferences, which are shown below. Just wondering what everyone else on this forum put as their preferences :)
  3. annabackwards

    RTA scholarships

    Hey guys! I just got a call from UNSW saying i got an interview for the RTA scholarship :D I was just wondering if any of you guys have been to the interview and if so, would you mind giving me any pointers? They said the interviews are in 30min interviews starting from 9am and ending at 3pm...
  4. annabackwards

    Tutoring for 2/3/4U maths, all sciences, modern history

    Tutoring for 2/3/4U maths, all sciences, modern history; many areas Hello all! My name is Anna and I will be offering tutoring starting from now because I have finished the HSC :D I accelerated the Advanced Mathematics course, receiving a HSC exam mark of 98 and I will be expecting band...
  5. annabackwards

    Modern game

    I found the chemistry and physics game threads to help me revise a lot, so i thought it'd be a good idea to start a modern one. You state at least one important thing that happened in the year mentioned above, relevant to whatever topics you're doing. Then leave a new year at the bottom of...
  6. annabackwards


    So it's nearly the 30th of September. Who has finished their scholarship applications and sent them off/submitting them? Who has just starting answer the questions? Who is still checking their application before submitting them? I've submitted all my scholarships except for Co-op, which i'm...
  7. annabackwards

    ATAR estimate - just wondering what you guys think

    Hiya guys, i've got a fair idea of what i ATAR i can get but just wanted to see what you guys think :) I only need 96 to be able to get co-op if offered it, but my aim right now is 99+ My school rank floats around top 70 to 90s. This year we have a very smart grade so i'm guessing it'd be...
  8. annabackwards

    Maximum Area

    I came across this question while studying some 3U and there are no solutions so i have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. annabackwards

    Harwood - how many poems?

    I was just wondering how many poems by Harwood most people think we'll need to refer to in the CSSA paper this year. I'm hoping they'll ask for 2 but i'm preparing a 3rd just in case...
  10. annabackwards

    Options Dilemma

    I have this problem at school. Before this year it was pretty clear and decided that we would be doing Quanta to Quarks as our elective. However, we got a new teacher and she hasn't done chemistry or the topic Quanta to Quarks in 20 years... Her love is with Astrophysics and so now we're...
  11. annabackwards

    Quad or Dual Core?

    Hiya Guys! I've got some money to play with so i've decided to get a new computer. Of course i want what's best for my money so i'm wondering, should i get a dual core or quad core? They all cost about the same- the Quad core being either 2.33 or 2.66Ghz and the Dual Core being 3.0 or 3.33...
  12. annabackwards

    Continue History extension but drop my 2U history?

    Would anyone know if i could drop my modern history but still continue doing extension history? I've just realised i'm putting a bit of extra stress on myself when i don't need to. If it's not possible then i'm not dropping- i'm just wondering is all :D
  13. annabackwards

    2005 SAM estimate screwed?

    I've been playing around with Advanced SAM and i realised the 2005 estimate is screwed. The highest UAI i can get out of it is 99.50 and that's even if my aggregate is 500. All of the other years is 100 oO Is it just me or does it happen to someone else besides me as well? Screenshot...