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  1. d-alarmclock


    Hey just wondering where I can find uni notes on here, because all I can see are hsc notes :/
  2. d-alarmclock

    Specify poems?

    I was just wondering whether examiners can specify which poems to write about for Module C, regarding Ted Hughes Birthday Letters? (If they do, I'm basically screwed)
  3. d-alarmclock


    Just wanted to say how good it feels to be done. However, I still do get nightmares about not finishing.
  4. d-alarmclock


    All you BOSers, it's almost that time of the year. Almost time for us to graduate. You know what that means, no BOS for a while just until end of HSC. Anyone planning their goodbyes?
  5. d-alarmclock

    My Inspiration

    I thought I'd share :)
  6. d-alarmclock

    Best songs of 2014 (so far)?

    Personally, I can't decide which one has been my favourite. So, these are my top (relatively known) songs for 2014: Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars, Magic OneRepublic - Counting Stars, Something I Need Vance Joy - Riptide Bastille - Pompeii Avicii - Hey Brother, You Make Me, Wake Me Up...
  7. d-alarmclock

    Matt Corby Appreciation Thread

    This man is too good.
  8. d-alarmclock

    Need a catchy PIP title

    My topic is: "Experiences of Racism: A comparison of experiences of racism between Generation X and Generation Y Muslims in Australia". Any ideas? In it I talk mostly about media, 9-11 and Cronulla Riots
  9. d-alarmclock

    Motivation to study and not give up on HSC?

    Trials in 5 days. Really feeling the pressure, getting lazy with study, am thinking of other career options. Any tips to get motivated? Or scared, that works too.
  10. d-alarmclock

    How do you study for maths?

    For me, maths is the hardest subject to study for because I can never get myself motivated to start. Saying that, I do extension 2. How do you study for maths? Especially for the topics you don't understand?
  11. d-alarmclock


    How's everyone's PIP's coming along?
  12. d-alarmclock

    Titration questions + answers needed

    Does anyone have a PDF or word document with some good Titration questions, including answers. I haven't been able to collate them, its not very easy. Please share :)
  13. d-alarmclock

    Too busy to read books?

    So this year I've realised I haven't had any time to read books (or even watch movies). I've just been so busy with school work, I've only just skimmed my prescribed texts for advanced. Is this happening to anyone else? I have this super long list of books I really am desperate to read...
  14. d-alarmclock

    English Speeches

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for presenting speeches for English? Like structure, presentation etc
  15. d-alarmclock

    How do I prepare for my half yearlies?

    So I know these types of posts have been coming up lately, but I'm struggling to find a schedule. My half yearlies start next week and I'm stressing out. My subjects are (in order of exam timetable): Advanced English - Monday (paper one) 4 unit maths - wednesday Society and Culture -...
  16. d-alarmclock

    Lyrical geniuses

    Just wondering whose lyrics you admire and think are a piece of art. For me, it would have to be Chris Martin, Lorde and Matt Corby. Some alternative bands like Two Door Cinema Club, but not as great as those mentioned above.
  17. d-alarmclock

    Need responders for surveys?

    I wanted to create this thread for everyone who is starting their primary research soon. So the idea is: if you don't mind answering a questionnaire, doing an interview, blah blah, leave a comment below saying something like 'I don't mind', and anyone who needs respondents will contact you (via...
  18. d-alarmclock

    Complex question. Help please

    I have literally done this question like 10 times but I can't get it right. Can someone please help me out? Solve the following expressions for z: a) 2z/1+i - z/2+i = 25/11i+2 b) 4z/2+2i - 2z/i = 5/2+i
  19. d-alarmclock

    Define g-force

    I understand that g-forces is defined as apparent weight/normal weight, but how do you define it in words? And how is it minimised in launch and re-entry? What effect does the minimisation have on the g-forces?
  20. d-alarmclock

    Plot line for creative? (image)

    I'm having trouble coming up with an original storyline relating to belonging for this image. I don't want it to be cliché. Thanks in advance! http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJs39E3JkjHRL-LR4Y36VNyVx3HlyZjkkNdy-vmD5Ipe5zX0Wm