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    - = Period Of Dormancy = -

    Despite being a period of time that you are meant to be focused, is anyone else in a state of inactivity? What are your thoughts? Ironic because I didn't really overwork myself at any point throughout the year, and based off my previous work ethic, I should be actually motivated in order to...
  2. M

    Omg I Failed It!?

    Anyway, what books would you recommend for Physics (HSC and Preliminary)?
  3. M

    What Bands?

    I do the following subjects; - Extension English 1. - Advanced English. - General Mathematics. - Physics. - Biology. - Information Processes And Technology. What marks / bands would I need to get for a 90 UAI? Edit: Also, if I was to average the following in my subjects, what UAI...
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    Only Chemistry Students

    I'm deciding whether or not to do Chemistry. If I choose Chemistry, I will be behind on a lot of work, but I enjoy science and go well at my other science subjects (Physics and Biology). I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation, and what would you recommend (if you at...