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  1. C

    can some give me the answers no need for solutions thanks

    first one is c, second one is b
  2. C

    School Rankings 2014

    from one of the laziest cohorts our school has seen, still came 80th!!
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    Any good tv series to watch

    Re: Any good tv series too watch Game of thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, Orange is the new black, Bad education, black books, the bridge, borgen, breaking bad, mad men
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    Thoughts on French Extension

    How did everyone find the exam today? I was really happy with the Part A AND b., especially the creative, had so much to talk about between Djamila and Nadia. The 6 marker was a bit weird how it asked for Sami's attitudes rather than how it showed the core issues. I did the writing on good...
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    probability killer question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P = (1 - red ball) x (5/19 + 4/19)
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    max/min problem

    ^ if you asking how you feet from the perimeter and sides equaling zero, you make 60 (the perimeter) equal to the sums of the sides. Therefore 60 = (30 - x) + (30-x) + x +x. Therefore area = x . (30 -x). Therefre area = 30x -x^2
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    Thoughts on french contineurs

    i said small extent because even though paul got him a job by recommending sebastien for a job sebastein always water to go there since he was young and canada represented a big adventure for him
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    Thoughts on french contineurs

    plus forgot to mention as always one of the listenings was about social media, trust bostes
  9. C

    Thoughts on french contineurs

    haha i loved the reading part b i love having a bit of a bitch cause its sought of a funny story, the texts for reading were really clear and straightforward, and the listening for the Paul one i said to a little extent as even though Paul got him a job he had always dreamed of going there as it...
  10. C

    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    questions were fairly, luckily cloudstreet excerpt was generic and holistic to the nature about the whole book, but i was prepared for spirituality and they asked about family, so needed some serious bullshit to make it link well. Mod A & C were good questions, i reckon the mod c question was...
  11. C

    EXAM timetable

    13/14 - English adv, 22- 2u maths, 27 - chem, 28 - sor1/3umaths, 30 - French cont, 5 - French ext. Shit timetable, finish on the last day and have 4 exams in week 3 including 2 on one day
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    What to do in 6 weeks holiday after first term of Year 12?

    Read all your long texts for English, we had to read cloudstreet over the summer
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    2k14 UMAT results + General Discussions

    s1: 56, s2: 76, s3: 63, overall: 195, percentile 98 don't know how that happened
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    Trials results?

    CSSA: 2u maths 92 3u maths 48/70 chem 89/100 sor1 45/50
  15. C


    How is everyone feeling for their french extension monologue on Saturday? or the other languages that have already done it, how was it?
  16. C

    Options if my school doesn't do French??

    I'm in year 12 studying french continuers and extension through the open high school and i can confirm it is great,. My teacher is brilliant and you can be sure that all of them are fluent french speakers. As mentioned above you do have to be quite independent when it comes to submitting work...
  17. C


    the reason the board wont allow schools tot ell students their final mark is because of moderation, If one student comes first in his school in his 400th ranked school for english with a internal mark of 90/100, this will be scaled down as the board may determine that their school marks too...
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    Inflexion points

    when proving it a point of inflexion, you have to test for values above and below the "possible point go inflexion", otherwise you won't receive the full marks of the question
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    How did everyone go today?

    mine went well, the teacher was so kind! at one point she asked me to draw a parallel between melanesian and aboriginal culture, but i said i didn't know anything about indigenous culture, and i could discuss to a greater length french culture. All the other questions where pretty standard
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    CSSA Trials: 3U Maths thoughts

    ummm wtf was the induction? i've never seen one that had had 2 series before