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    Macquarie BIT or UTS Math/Computing?

    Ok so intro to linear dynamical systems/intro to quantitative management subjects are quite challenging.. In the UTS handbook for the B Sci in IT course under credit recognition, it states: "There are no exemptions granted for the networking subjects 31270, 31277 and 31283 without the...
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    Macquarie BIT or UTS Math/Computing?

    Yeah if i choose to study at macquarie, I won't be transferring back to uts. Since you actually study at uts, do you recommend it? Also, how does the transfer work, like would i be put into the 2nd year of studies?
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    Macquarie BIT or UTS Math/Computing?

    Yes that's what i was thinking, but the UTS Maths/Computing course is in the science faculty, and the B Sc in IT is in the Engineering/IT faculty, so i would have to externally transfer anyway.
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    Macquarie BIT or UTS Math/Computing?

    I received a main round offer to UTS B Maths and Computing, which I'm currently enrolled in. But, I also received a final round offer to Macquarie BIT. My passion is in IT and i had planned to transfer to the UTS B Sci in IT course or similar next year. So the question is what i should do this...
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    Order the following for law: Griffith/UTS/SCU

    ^ Watch out, we got a badass over here.
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    General Thoughts: Software Design and Development

    +1 agreed. Some of the algorithms took me so long to figure out. They really slowed me down and led to me not finishing the test. Q32 option topic was pretty easy though.
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    SDD - Do we need to know how the convert from IEEE system into decimal?

    Well it is in the syllabus: "Convert between decimal fractions and the equivalent IEEE754 single precision floating point representation"
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    Software Design & Development Marathon [2012]

    16 hours to go until the start of the exam. Well, i guess it will be time for me to start my revision in 2 hrs. I'm just going over the option topic..the core is easy.
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    Does anyone feel like they're getting lazier towards the end of their hsc?

    I have SDD on wednesday and haven't done any revision yet... I've been lazy the whole exam period since after the trials and haven't done any proper revision for any exam.
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    Band 4 cut off?

    +1 :(
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    Length contraction one

    Well, i got that one horribly wrong.
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    transmission question

    I had no idea, but i made up some bs and ended up putting Design B with explanations why. Im so happy that you all think B aswell.
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I completely stuffed up the exam. I went way overtime with the Section I extended responses, thus leading to reduced time for the other sections. I was only left with 40 minutes to do the last 2 sections :(
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    Section II - National Studies

    I just realised what bs i wrote. I basically wrote an essay on the failures of weimar and how hitler was able to manipulate the public to side with the nazi party, thus reducing the amount of opposition he had. I talked about weaknesses in weimar government + impact of depression + rise in nazi...
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    Section III - Personalities in the Twentieth Century

    This is what i tried to do but i did struggle with the argument aswell.
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    Section IV - International Studies in Peace and Conflict

    Wow, me too. I was stumped with the question because i forgot to study that. Bad thing was that i had an essay plan my teacher gave the class which related to the exact question but i didnt read it. I did part a, and only had time to write about early blitzkrieg successes in the 1 page.
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    Who is pumped/not so pumped for modern history tomorrow? :P

    crap. just got back home now and time to quickly revise all sections before the exam. I haven't done any revision since trials :s I'm just going to focus on conflict in europe section until the exam, core and germany section are good + personality part a is just memorisation.
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    Official: 2012 Modern History HSC Exam predictions thread

    noooooo. I have no clue about what to discuss with that. .. I have to start really studying, i've been procrastinating all day today and the past week.