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    HOSPO extended response commercial cook

    The exetended response for commercial cookery was a god send. The wording may have thrown a few ppl but seriously it was about talking about all haccp stuff and saftey procedures when cooking etc..eg coloured chop boards and cleaning protocols.. It was the best question..Came first in the year...
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    Pop Culture

    How did everyone go...Silly me wrote about how pop culture has lead to social change ...eg challeneged social perception etc..At the end i re read the question and it was to talk about the criteria of pop cultre...damn..hope my PIP was ok...
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    Good Luck with ur PIPs

    Well it seemed this time last year we were all beginning to wonder what topic we should do..Now, we have only 6 days left!! Just wishing every1 luck with their PIPs and I hope u all do well... Remember to give it in b4 9am Monday... Bub eyes 4 now... AND REMEMBER..ITS NEARLLY OVER SO WE CAN...
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    Hi. I was just wondering if anybody can help me with a question for my pip. Im doing it on immunisation and need some ideas for questions which may give me direction for my pip. Im looking at equality and difference. Please help!!!! Natalie
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    I was wondering if anyone has any info or stories on immunisation (attitudes/beliefs/opinions etc) and when / they experienced equality or differences. Have ppls experiences been good or bad related to immunisation. Thanks heaps
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    Here TODAY, gone 2MOROW..have a heart

    Hi evry1, I'm doing organ donation and the implications on society, though Im not exactly sure which angle to tackle it or a specific staetement or question. I was thinking "here today, gone tomorrow, so have a heart" but i thought it was a it bias. Does n e one have idea's names etc. anyways...
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    Are you an organ donor?

    Hi everyone. For my pip im doing organ donation and the implications on society. I was wondering if anyone had opinions or would like to answer the following questions 2 help me out with my primary resaech. 1. Are you an organ donor? 2. Have you ever donated blood? 3. Do you think organ...
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    What's ur PIP

    Hi evry1, I was just wonderin some topics that sum ppl are doing 4 their pips. When we were told about the pip I was alwyas sure I wanted to do suthing about medicine/health. I really enjoy hearing about other peoples pips. I am thinking of calling it "Have a heart- Peoples attitudes towards...
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    Sex Sex Sex

    Hi, now i have ur attention. i really need some help with my pip. its got nothing to do with sex but hey it got ur attn. its on organ donating. I am hoping 2 do my x cultural over time and and have got heaps of 2ndary research. I am having trouble with my intro. Please help if u have stories...