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    official letters

    hi, just got home from a holiday and i only found 2 letters regarding the hsc/uai. one from uac (with one a4 page) and the other from BOS (with one a4 pg). both in a normal envlope. isn't there ment to be a page for each subject with your breakdown and placing in teh state etc????
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    hey guys, just wondering if you need to remeber all the formulas about the locus and the parabla... i think it is good to remeber the the eqn of the cord from an extranal point? this is CH9 in Maths in Focus book 2! tahnks!
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    Hsc: Bus Studies Case Study

    hi, we had to do a case study in class for a industrial dispute! is taht even in teh syllabus? like requiring you to do one? do i need to learn it?
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    Raw MARKS

    hey guys! good luck with the HSC for every1. just wondering if there is anywhere you can put in "raw hsc marks" into the UAI predictor mechanism!!!
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    Paper 1 Question 2

    hi, just wondering if you guys would like to share some ideas for P1 Q2 creative writing bit! i lack the imagination to make up good ideas, hopefully you can give me a kick start! Please feel free to post ideas and general plots in thie thread! Cheers and Good luck
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    What are you Doing???

    Hi, just wondering what case study you guys are all doing for Gloablisation.... ...i'm doing China, Good Luck everyone!
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    HSC casestudy

    hi wondering if anyone did a case study on CHINA? if you did PM me and we can talk! Thanks and Good luck Everyone!
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    How To Use? I Paid!!!

    hi, recently bought UAISEEKER< great program.... i havn't been upgraded yet, but soon hopefully! anyway it says to "state Percentile" what does that mean? is that like top 10 percent in state? or like 90% in maths trails? is there somewhere where i can put in my say, trial marks...
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    RANKED 1st

    ok sorry to go over covered ground, but i'm sure some people will want to know these possible cases. Any HELP appreciated! THANKS ---- all in re. to UAI Scenario 1: a person was ranked first for a subject, will he get the top uai in the school/class. (assuming UAI based on only one subject...
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    hey just reading bout MQ uni.. they have a B of Bussiness Admin course... is this like a wanna be bbus course? i think so right? (not to be rude!) what about B of App Finance. Is this a Throwdown of something?
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    In The Skin Of a Lion

    hey just wondering if anyone does this novel? you wanna swap notes?
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    how to prepare

    how should i study for the english modules. i got 2 weeks! hamlet / ROS& GUIL In the SKin of a Lion FrontLine anyhelp appreicated!
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    hey people. how'd you go with your english exams, my english on isn't for 2 weeks what were the questions thsi year, hopefully i can use them for revision! THANKS! what are soem ideas for section 2 i can use? p.s. tell us where that question came from? like catholic schools /...
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    Trials The Aftermath

    hello everyone! so how was it? day one: ENGLISH? my english test isn't for another 2 weeks! how ws yours? What was the questions (it may help me for some revision) thanks!! how'd you find it? Thanks everyone! GOOD LUCK! P.S. what trials was your question from? the catholic trial /...
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    In The Skin Of A Lion

    any one doing in teh skin of a lion? i need some help on this book if anyone is willing! Thanks!
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    simple one i cant figure out!

    hey... it simple... brain needs a kick start! Q1: COS2X = COSX Q2: COSX + _/3 SINX = 2 (cos x plus squareroot of 3 sin x) thanks see if you guyz can help!
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    Challenge! Read this one!

    ok... Please tell me whether the GST is regressive or Progessive, considering that food is exempt (as in Australia's case) before you answer, it is easly though it is just a 10% tax, but considering that the top quintile spends a great deal more! is it progressive, in that proportion of...
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    Can Anyone Help: Distribution of income

    Hey, just stuck for some ideas of govenrment policies aimed at reducing the inequality of income distribution. they don't cover it at all in the purple BLUMER book! And only very slightly cover it in DIXON! not in excel either!
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    What ECO book do you use?

    hey guyz... Just wondering what Eco text book you use? cause i use the 'updated Economics' ones and i recon they are crap! i took a look at the tim dixion one, and they seem heaps better, And what is CONCERNING is that they both cover completely different things under the same headings...
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    Eng Adv - Texts

    Special hello to all the girls out there! What books people studying for eng this year? Maybe we can swap notes! i do: Frontline Hamlet / Ros and Guil are Dead In the Skin of a Lion Skrynecki Poetry [sorry forgot how to spell] i think that is about it?