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    Man Marries Dog

    She really is his bitch. SOURCE: http://www.smh.com.au/news/unusual-tales/man-marries-a-real-dog/2007/11/14/1194766712710.html Tsup vanush? WTF. Would this be legal in Australia?
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    Ode to thread (weight for it, weight for it)

    Wait for it...wait for it ("Homer the rapture isn't coming!"). Quick question: if i wanted to buy a laptop with microsoft that was relatively light (2kg? hence the weight) and small (12 inch screen?) how much am i looking at? I am really not too bothered with the brand or the features...
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    uni conundrum

    Hypothetically 1) A first year student has completed their first year of uni. 2) They reapply through uac and receive an offer for a new course. They have the option of deferring. 3) If this student did not defer before they started uni (ie they are an 05 hsc graduate and went straight to...