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    General advice/assistance

    Hi guys, I completed my HSC in 2015, studying Legal Studies, Advanced English, General Mathematics, PDHPE and Biology. I am currently on break from university and I am offering free advice, tips, support and assistance to anyone struggling, wanting to refine their skills/knowledge or just...
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    Tutoring Services Available

    Hi guys, I completed my HSC in 2015 and attained an ATAR of 93.95. Today I am posting to offer you all tutoring from myself via Skype. Below is a list of units I studied: English Advanced (Mod A: Pride & Prejudice and Letters to Alice, Mod B: Hamlet, Mod C: The Crucible) Legal Studies...
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    Veto powers

    Can any of the permanent 5 veto the ICC requests?
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    General Thoughts.

    How did we all go? I found it challenging in some parts but overall not to bad. What do we expect the B6 cut off to be?
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    Argument support

    Hi, I was just curious does it matter if we dont ahve many cases? Or if we do, we dont know the name for it? Because I have Thomas Lubanga but all the ICC is giving me is [The Prosecution vs Thomas Lubanga Dyilo]. Also, I use media or statists to support arguments on treaties / legislation...
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    Prelim content

    Hi guys, With HSC approaching I'm confident with HSC content but I dropped from Mathematics and didn't do the Prelim Gen. course. What are the major points? I know there are a few over laps, or is it all basic arithmetic? Also, If someone could provide some notes (Preferably new syllabus...
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    Pathogen Diagram

    Hello. I was hoping someone could provide me with black and white, basic strucures of the 6 pathogens we are required to know. I am struggling to find any basic images! Thankyou!
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    ATAR estimate.

    School rank: 260's Biology: 2/20 Legal studies: 1/25 General maths: 1/30 Adv. English: 5/30 PDHPE: 2/25
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    Difficulty starting 'World Order' Essay

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to construct an essay for World Order as I dont really have any structure to base it off. I've failed to find any essays online. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Brain Structures.

    Hi. Curious as to how indepth we should know the brain? I know the basics (Medulla oblongata, cerebellum, cerebrum etc.), but should i know other structures such as the optic chiasma, pineal gland, thalamus etc. Also, can someone clarify what the meninges are? I was absent and the text...
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    B Law/Commerce or B Law/Economics?

    Can anyone provide info on both the courses listed in the title? I don't have a clue on where I want to go to study..
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    Hi, I have a couple questions and would appreciate it if someone could help me! 1. Does the Choroid prevent light scattering? Or does it just suspend the Iris? 2. Are cataracts the results of protein denaturing or proteins clumping? 3. How do I set out the accommodation prac? 4. How much...
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    Wanted: Hamlet notes!

    Hi. If anyone has Hamlet notes PM me and we can work out some sort of deal. Thanks.
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    Anti-terror law's?

    I was curious if anyone knows the actual names of the new anti-terror laws the Government has recently introduced? All I found was what it does no legal name e.g 'Crimes Act 1900' Thanks
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    ISIS - Are we doing enough?

    Hi. Curious to see what everyone's opinion is about ISIS. I've been researching the topic recently and they're reported to be worth 2 billion dollars, and make $3 million a day from their seizing of oil mines. Despite the fact Australia has tightened its anti-terror laws by not allowing...
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    Eye diagram

    Hello. I was hoping someone could post a labelled diagram of an eye. I searched for about 10 minutes and found either too complex diagrams or inaccurate diagrams. Just want a plain black and white diagram. Thanks.
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    Fitness trackers?

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a fitness tracker, specifically the FitBit 'Charge HR'. I've previously used the FitBit 'Zip' and have enjoyed the app's ease of use. I was looking at reviews and they did dishearten me slightly in regards to the accuracy of the Heart Rate monitor. I came across...
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    Montreal Protocol

    Can anyone help me with facts about the Protocol? I read somewhere it reduced the hole in the ozone layer by 70% but then elsewhere it was only a 2.5millon km square reduction from 27.5Mkm. Any other statistics and information is appreciated. I have read so much about Chlorofluorocarbons but...