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    Optional Focus Study

    What Focus Studies did everyone do? Just curious, because a lot of the teachers at our school advocate the less popular focus studies, saying that they would be marked better or allow us to write more sophisticated responses. Anyway, we did workplace and World Order, which I thought were hard -...
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    Who is going to vote liberal?

    This is a serious question. Of those of you who have just turned 18 in the past year or two, how many are actually going to support the liberal government in the next election? I'm just curious, because I only actually know two people who are liberal supporters (unless the others are too afraid...
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    Just out of curiosity, how many of you out there do Studies of Religon 1? And now how many of you do it because you go to a catholic school and it is compulsary? Its just that, at our catholic school the course is compulsary, and they justified themselves to us by claiming it was like the 3rd...