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    Cheap/free textbooks - including Terry Lee Maths

    I have a couple textbooks that I want to get rid of but don't really want to throw away. Terry Lee Maths - $10 Dot point chemistry - $5 Dot point biology - $5 (Dot point books are unused and teach straight from the syllabus.) Maths extension 2 papers and solutions - $5 Understanding Extension...
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    Medical Science Advice Thread

    This is something I compiled for medical sciences at universities around sydney for people hoping to get into medicine later. I obviously haven't finished it, but I will work on that later (medicine in ~busy~) http://www.mediafire.com/view/f7532az56f1eo29/Medical_Science_in_Sydney.docx
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    Police Brutality - Disgusting and Unacceptable

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour. The police will be lucky if they are allowed to march again next year.
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    Enrolment Variation

    When does it open 2k13? It says down the bottom when you hover over it that it is open, but it's not. Awk.
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    O-Week Meat 2013: Down the Manning Hole

    We're meating at Manning and probably getting drunk. If you don't drink that's cool too. There's food all through Manning. If you don't eat, you probably should, I hear you need to eat to survive and it's delicious. This'll be on one of the days at some time in the afternoon (like 2pm?)...
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    Searchng function

    Read the title.
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    child beaten to death because he didn't read the bible

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    I really need a computer

    So I've been without a computer for a semester and a bit and now I NEED one. I want a desktop, I can get peeps to custom build or whatever I think. I find laptops too fragile (I break them too often) and too heavy to take to uni anyways (my iPad is too heavy at times). So, what should I get...
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    Wondering how many BoSers have and haven't had girlfriends/boyfriends.

    So, this is a little poll to see how many BoSers have had a significant other or haven't, and have had sex or haven't. Yay. Ive had gfs but I'm gay and didn't have sex with them, but I have had sex so I'm gonna put "No, I haven't had a boyfriend and/or girlfriend, but yes, I have had...
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    I'm emotionless/unable to properly open up to people. So I'm not good at relationship shit. I want sex but don't want to continue being a "slut" and just having random hook ups. What do? #fwp
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    UMAT: Was a random BoSer sitting near you?

    Here we post our session time, place, seat number, and attire to see if anyone was sitting near us. I'll start: Session: 1:30 - Sydney Olympic Park Seat: D23 Attire: Evan Suede shoes, Blue skinny jeans, white/blue button shirt, black coat. And black glasses, (but didn't wear them much).
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    Dark Knight Rises Shooting in Denver

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-18921492 Fuck…
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    So my piece of shit laptop died.

    1. How do I rip the hard drive out of it and get all my shit back? 2. What laptop should I buy? I'm either looking for a cheap and portable laptop, AND a desktop that is good for performance, OR a laptop that is nice and light and portable and good on performance. My budget is about $1.5k and...
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    What are the differences?

    What is the difference between B. Advanced Science and B. Science at UWS? AND What is the difference between B. Advanced Medical Science and B. Medical Science at UWS? Apart from cutoffs. Because, if I went to UWS I'd get $5k/year, but if the advanced course is the same as the regular...
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    Halp. Linear Algebra

    What the fuck even is 1cii??
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    Linear Algebra halp

    Halp me BoS, you're my only hope. Don't give me the answer, but just tell me what to do, I don't understand. :/ For part b):
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    Graduation Years

    The Graduation Year thingy doesn't go past 2018, and I plan on graduating in 2021. ~whoops~
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    The Legend of Korra

    So, the first two episodes have been out for a few weeks on the net. Who's watched them? What do you think? I like the way they're sort of aiming it towards an older audience, but they're sticking with the same sort of humour as A:TLA, and I think it's going to be a good series.
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    Does everyone else hate people like this too?

    And by these people, I mean idiots that say they want a serious relationship but actually don't, and exhibit the actions of someone that in fact doesn't want a serious relationship, and in fact, does want to be seen as a dickhead. EDIT: Would've hidden "bRooKiE CooKiE" but didn't see a point...