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  1. d3st1nyLiang

    Dedicated State-ranking HSC tutor (Eco, Chem, Maths, English) + Extensive resources

    Hey guys, My name is Anthony Liang. I recently completed the HSC and have decided to offer tuition for Year 11 and 12 Economics, Chemistry and all levels of Maths (2u,3u,4u). In additional I will be providing Essay marking services for Advanced English. Credentials ATAR: 99.95 •...
  2. d3st1nyLiang

    Terry Solutions MX2

    http://www.hsccoaching.com/Resources/2011%20Ext2.pdf So what's everyone expecting?
  3. d3st1nyLiang

    Raw marks.

    Hey guys, What raw marks are required to get: 96 English 96 Chemistry 97 MX1 94 MX2 Ty!
  4. d3st1nyLiang

    Another baulko estimate. (for a friend)

    School rank: 4 English 47/195 (trial 90/105) 3u maths 24/166 (80/84) 4u maths 34/99 (91/120) Phys 8/108 (90/100) chem 7/115 (89/100) bio 4/54 (87/100) Eco accelerated HSC mark: 90 "bored of baulko" yet? as Checkyesjimmy puts it.
  5. d3st1nyLiang

    Atar guesstimate

    - AdvEng approx. 15-20/195 (trial 98/105; 7th) - MX1 9/168 (trial 80/84) - MX2 6/99 (trial 100/120) - Chem =1/116 (trial 92/100) - HSC Economics mark 97 (5th in state last yr) Baulko ranked 4th PS: inb4 khfreakau who is confirmed .95
  6. d3st1nyLiang

    Critical theory for Speeches

    Hi, Just wondering if any of you know where to locate critical perspectives (Reviews, feature articles, academic articles) for the speeches set for study for module B. I'm specifically looking for Aung San Suu Kyi and Magaret Atwood. thanks~
  7. d3st1nyLiang


    Hey, now that school is over, what are you guys planning to do over the holidays?
  8. d3st1nyLiang

    Prelim chem notes

    hey, which of the prelim chem notes in the resource section would you guys recommend?
  9. d3st1nyLiang

    Linking phrases for glossary of key words

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of specific linking phrases for the key words such as explain, discuss, assess and analyse thanks
  10. d3st1nyLiang

    maths help

    1. how do you integrate this from -2 to 2? http://integrals.wolfram.com/index.jsp?expr=xe^x^k&random=false 2. How do you show that the line y = x+1 is tangent to y = e^k and prove with a diagram the e^x-x-1 = 0 has only 1 solution 3. Solve e^t - e^-t = 2
  11. d3st1nyLiang

    subject selection

    hey guys, i'm going to submit my preferences soon so what do you think 3 maths 2 eng 2 eco 2 latin 2 chem 2 phys i want to do anything along the lines of commerce/arts/mbbs/law
  12. d3st1nyLiang

    help with some q's

    Labour markets 1. Account for why the labour force participation rate is important to the economy 2. Explain how the labour market is similar to and different from markets for consumer goods and services 3. Identify whether there are any other dimensions to the unemployment problem beyond...
  13. d3st1nyLiang

    working through cambridge

    just wondering, do you guys do all the questions or just a select few or even just extension? and what how do you guys revise with cambridge?
  14. d3st1nyLiang

    prelim eco papers

    does anyone have any prelim eco past papers, they seem to be in short supply thanks
  15. d3st1nyLiang

    chem help

    how do acid and metal reactions work e.g. hydrochloric acid combines with magnesium HCl -> H3O(+) + Cl(-) another equation HC2H3O2 <-> H3O(+) + C2H302(-) this one clearly has less hydronium because its a weaker acid what is the equation for the combination of the acid with...
  16. d3st1nyLiang

    science help

    I don't quite get how to do these questions, thanks for any help 1. A ball is thrown vertically up in the air at an initial speed of 50m/s. Calculate a) maximum height b) displacement at 3.5s c) time of flight 2. Shane Warne bowls a ball at 42m/s towards Sachin Tendulkar, who is then...
  17. d3st1nyLiang

    Wanted: economics tutoring

    Hey, I am an accelerated yr 10 economics student looking for an economics tutor. post or pm me with your - Credentials - HSC marks - Rate per hour - teaching style - Where you live - Whether you wanna travel or not. thanks
  18. d3st1nyLiang

    modern history vs physics

    i would like to know which course is better for my subject selections so far i'm only definite for eng adv, maths ext 1, eco, chem, latin also, which is more enjoyable, modern history or physics? ty
  19. d3st1nyLiang

    Subject selection help

    Hey, i'm in year 10 and having trouble choosing subjects. I'm planning to do 13units with ext 1 maths, end adv, chem, latin, phys or modern history and eco which i am accelerating I'm not sure whether to choose eng adv. or ext eng; is it worth it to do ext eng when i'm most likely not going to...
  20. d3st1nyLiang

    history sc question

    hello everyone. just wondering, how would u assess the significance of the freedom ride 1965? and also what words would u use to assess significance? thanks