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  1. luvtads

    Do you want a band 6 in ancient, english and biology?? Now tutoring !!!!

    Hi everyone, I have received a BAND 6 for Ancient (98), English (91), and Biology (91), and I am looking forward to tutor a few more students in these subjects. What I provide as a tutor: - Lessons altered to your needs - Free online marking and help -...
  2. luvtads

    Good example of a Transgenic Species.

    What is a good detailed example of a transgenic species. I was thinking of doing Bt Cotton is that good ? Thanks in advance :)
  3. luvtads

    A Clockwork Orange- As a related text ?

    Hey all, What are your thoughts on using "A Clockwork Orange" as a related text ?
  4. luvtads

    Using the word "belonging" for AOS creative ?

    Hi, Is it ok to use the word "belonging" for AOS creative writing ?
  5. luvtads

    Looking for a Yr 11 Chemistry and 2unit Maths tutor..

    Hi, i am looking for a Yr 11 Chemistry and 2 unit tutor in Newington/ Strathfield/ Parramatta area. thanks.
  6. luvtads

    Ancient History Vs Modern History ??

    Im currently doing preprelim Ancient History and i dont find it very intersting .... So im confused between Ancient or Modern
  7. luvtads

    Tutor needed for 2 unit math and chem...burwood area ...

    I need a tutor for prelim maths and chem...near burwood....