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    Bit of an issue regarding internal ranks.

    So I logged on to the board of studies my details and checked my internal ranks. However, for physics and chemistry my ranks shown were 2 ranks higher than those on the report for both subjects. Should I remain quiet or do you think they made a mistake before (on my report) and fixed it now...
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    I'm finished!!!!!!

    I'm finally finished!!!!!! Good luck to all those who still have to study.
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    Chem raw marks

    Hey What marks would give a band 6 in the hsc exams? So far I got 73 in 2010, what would I need to get to get a band 6? Also I'm capable of doing much better low 80's except I haven't touched chem for three weeks so it will take me a while to regain my mojo for chem. Thanks
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    Marks required for a band 6 in HSC past papers

    Hey everyone. What raw marks would scale/moderate/align (whatever it is) to a band 6 in the 4u papers. I've done the 7 latest ones and got percentages between 60-75%. Thanks
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    2010 HSC maths ext 2

    Hey everyone. Just quickly I did this exam and got 78/120 (65%). Was that a good mark considering it's difficutly (I find it hard to judge it's difficulty)? Also I'm capable of getting a better mark it's just I was kind of sick when doing the exam (bad choice). Also if that isn't a good mark...
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    Raw marks for exams

    Hey everyone. When doing the HSC past papers what will be a raw mark for a corresponding band 6 in the HSC. The subjects I'm interested in: Chem Phys Maths 3u Maths 4u Currently I'm doing trial papers and for 4u I fluctuate in the mid 70's for 3u I fluctuate between 70's and 90's...
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    Simple integration question.

    Hey everyone I was doing a past paper and I stumbled upon a question which I found to be easy but I got wrong. Use the substituion u=sq.root (x) to integrate e^sq.root (x) / sq root (x) The limits are 9 at the top and 1 at the bottom The answer I got was 2(e^3 - e) and the given was...
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    Anyone here do Bachelor of commerce at UNSW?

    Sup everyone. For some reason yesterday at the UNSW open day I forgot to ask one important question regarding the course I want to do. The question is directed towards students who are doing Bachelor of commerce at UNSW and the question is "How many days to you go to uni and how long do you go...
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    Need an atar estimate

    Sup everyone. So I'm just asking for an atar estimate after the trials. Subject Rank Trial mark Exam Chemistry 4/40 71/100 Mixture of a few trials (Happy) Physics 13/58 68/100 CSSA (Trial didn't go that well)...
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    Question on UNI open days.

    Hey everyone. I'm a year 12 student and am interested in going to either UNSW or Maquarie uni in 2012. I am also interested in attending both their open days. Our career advisor gave me a program for maquarie's open day which has what lectures and what talks will be where and when but I don't...
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    Question on school rankings and HSC marks.

    Hey everyone. Okay so I recently had my trials and there were some exams which didn't go that well - I didn't bomb out but I don't think they may have been good enough to get me in the top 5 for that subject. My question is if I have a low rank in a certain subject and absolutely ace the...
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    Is Maqcuarie uni any good for advanced science?

    Sup everyone Basically if doing advanced science in university would maquarie uni be a good university for this. I know that UNSW is one of the best for science but how good is maqcuarie uni in comparison to UNSW for advanced science. (Btw, I'm not one of those students intending to major in...
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    Catholic school trial timetable

    Hey everyone. I don't go to a catholic trial but I know that my school will be following it's timetable. So if anyone has a copy could you please post it. Also I do 4unit maths, chem, phys and adv eng it that helps. Thanks
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    Can I get an atar estimate?

    Hey everyone, I recently got my half-yearly report back and I would like an atar estimate. School rank 130-140. Subject Mark Rank Average Maths 3u 86% 10/52 69% Maths 4u 84% 4/23 61% Eng adv 83% 12/61 74% Chemistry 76% 3/42 60% Physics 77% 10/60 59%...
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    Macquarie university HSC Enrichment Day.

    Hey everyone. I recently went to Mac uni through the school and we were given a handout for the HSC enrichment days. There is one for chemistry and one for physics. I'm more keen to go to chemistry cause I have a physics tutor. The cost is $70 and it covers all the core topics from 8am-3:40pm...
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    Question on teacher's checking assignment...

    So I have a chem assignment to give in a couple of weeks. If I were to complete it early and give it into my teacher for her to have a look and give me advice on it, would that be 1. allowed and 2. fair to other students. I asked my teacher and she told me that all she can do is tell me if I'm...
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    When are the atar cut-offs for next year comming out?

    ? EDIT: I meant if I'm in year 12 now and am looking to go to uni next year, when will the atar's come out for a person like me? Sorry
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    Here is my raw mark, what could it get scaled to?

    My school rank is around 140. I'm coming around 4/27 in the course (Maths ext 2). We only had one assessment which I got 75/90 (83%). This is a raw mark. What is this likely to get scaled to (presuming I get similar marks throughout the year). I'm asking this cause I don't know too much on...
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    Conics - Equation of normal to the hyperbola parametric form

    I'm able to derive the: Normal and Tangent to the ellipse both parametric and Cartesian form. Normal and tangent to the hyperbola Cartesian form and parametric form for the tangent. But I am unable to derive the equation of the normal to the hyperbola in the parametric form. The answer is...