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  1. miss-smexy

    Camp for Commerce Students!

    Hi! Just letting anyone who's interested know that the Economics, Commerce & Finance Society (ECFS) (www.ecfs.com.au) is holding a camp this year. Visit the stall at O Week for more info! :)
  2. miss-smexy

    GLP points

    Hi! Just wondering how I can claim my points and is there a deadline for doing so for the activities that I did last semester? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. miss-smexy

    CA brand champs

    CA have been promoting something called 'brand champs'. Apparently, you're given promotional tasks to do and upon completion you get paid. Anyway, just wondering what exactly this involved and has anyone else done it before? Anyone have more information about it other than what has been...
  4. miss-smexy

    Police Investigation

    Where were the media reports?
  5. miss-smexy

    To transfer or not?

    Hi! I'm in first year at Macquarie doing Commerce-Accounting/Law. I'm considering whether I should transfer to UTS to complete my degree (Not UNSW or USYD because I'm not sure whether my marks will suffice). My UAI last year would have allowed me to do law at UTS, but I chose Macquarie because...
  6. miss-smexy

    Practical Legal Training

    Do we have this at Macquarie? Also, can someone please explain what PLT involves and how this helps us to become a lawyer... i.e. what are the steps involved?
  7. miss-smexy

    Raped by her uncle, but can she have an abortion?

    Foetuses are not human beings. They do not have rights... perhaps only at the point of viability - but nevertheless, a foetus has no legal right to live. ...Your thoughts?
  8. miss-smexy


    Do we need to reference allusions/intertexuality in footnotes when writing an essay?
  9. miss-smexy

    Need Help with Accounting

    Hi guys, I have two questions I need to do for accounting... I keep getting them wrong and am not sure why. Can someone please help me? This is my last resort because I've been reading my textbook as well but can't figure it out... Diamond Creek Ltd is trying to determine the value of its...
  10. miss-smexy

    Phantom of the Opera Lyric Theatre

    Did anyone go to this? How was it?!
  11. miss-smexy

    End of course prizes

    I was looking at the prize lists and they said that for LAW114 (i.e. Jurisprudence) there's some prize for it but it's only open to people doing a bachelor of SCIENCE? Since when did science students do law subjects... or is this just for people who are doing a combined science/law degree?
  12. miss-smexy

    Library Fines

    Do they ever waive library fines? I have around $50... something of fines to pay! =( and speaking about the library... i hate the library during exams times! Had to walk around half the level looking for a chair to sit on o.O
  13. miss-smexy

    Grant Thornton

    Did anyone get an invitation to a cocktail party for GT after being interviewed for the graduate program?
  14. miss-smexy

    ABSTRACTION in computer programming - HELP!

    Hi guys, I was just wondering, what is 'abstraction of computer programming'? Like my textbook refers to object oriented programming (OOP) moving towards Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). I'm very lost... please help!
  15. miss-smexy

    Law 114 Jurisprudence - 2008

    I know there's already a thread on this... but I have a few questions about this subject which weren't discussed in that previous thread: * In the course materials book, there are readings for every week. Do we have to read absolutely everything in it? Will we get crap marks if we don't? The...
  16. miss-smexy

    Confused about timetables/Units etc.

    I'm so confused about making timetables or choosing units. I got into Commerce (Accounting) / Law and I have no idea what the website is talking about =( http://handbook.mq.edu.au/programofstudy.php?edition=2006&code=ACCL01 What are the levels? I.e. 100 level, 200 level etc... Is it...
  17. miss-smexy

    Check UNSW offers early

    Similarly to USYD, does this work: https://wombos.unsw.edu.au/setpass/ ?
  18. miss-smexy

    Office Junior

    Has anyone worked as an Office Junior at a Law firm? If you have, or know of someone who has, I have a few questions: + Is it a good opportunity which will allow you to progress later? + Can you do this casually/part-time? + What work does this involve? + Are the things that you learn on the...
  19. miss-smexy

    Unis sending prospectus

    Hi! Today i was sent an Undergraduate Law Prospectus from UNSW. There is a high chance that I can get into UNSW and I was wondering whether they sent the prospectus because they already know who they will be offering places to this year. If you applied for a combined law degree at UNSW...
  20. miss-smexy

    Open Days

    These are tomorrow from 9am - 4pm (apart from UWS which is today)! Why are they all on the same day? >.< Macquarie University: Pathways Day - Is this day just for those students concerned that they have not obtained a high enough UAI to get into their course? I want to go to Macquarie...