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  1. sharoooooo

    Declining UAC offers

    Hi there When is the latest date to decline a UAC offer?? Is it okay to accept all offers? Cuz i dont wanna accidentally be enrolled in multiple courses and then have to pay for it. Thanks Sent from my SM-G925I
  2. sharoooooo

    Uac correspondence

    Hello everyone, When I log into my UAC, and then I click on the 'correspondence' tab, I have a message from UAC from 8th of Aug to "pay outstanding fees". However, I have already paid. Does anyone else have the same message in their "correspondence" tab on UAC? I'm just worried if the payment...
  3. sharoooooo

    screwed up real bad.

    so im unsure whether i'll get the atar for unsw/usyd, so i applied for the same course (civil with arch) at Monash in Melbourne as it has a lower and more achievable ATAR. however, i just went onto the Monash site and looked at the page for Civil with Arch and realised that I hadn't submitted...
  4. sharoooooo

    Civil Eng w/ Architecture @ UNSW

    Hi everyone, i was just wondering... i have 2 options. Option 1: Do Bach of Architecture followed by Masters of Architecture to become a qualified Architect. Option 2: Do Civil Eng w/ Arch (which will qualify me as an Engineer at the end of the course) and then do Masters of...
  5. sharoooooo

    Alternative Admission Architecture Portfolio

    hi everyone, is anyone else applying for this? or applied to this in previous years? im not too sure what to do Ive watched the lecture about it but still not too sure how to set it out i feel like adding photos onto a Word Doc is too basic and doesnt look professional enough. help?
  6. sharoooooo

    Are there BOSTES spies?

    Do you think BOSTES spies come onto BOS to see our reactions after the exam so that they can adjust the difficulty for next year's hsc exam?
  7. sharoooooo

    Smuggling Food/Drinks into HSC

    Hello everyone, What food/drink have you smuggled into HSC? I have noticed people bringing in lollies (which didn't get confiscated) However, my mate bought in Beroca (orange cordial coloured drink) in a clear water bottle and it got confiscated, which doesnt make sense to me. I want to...
  8. sharoooooo

    Yr 9 Science Question pls

    Explain how creativity, logical reasoning and scientific evidence were used to arrange the elements on the periodic table. Thanks :spin:
  9. sharoooooo

    question about band 6

    im ranked 33rd/46 in english adv. is it possible for me to get a band 6 if the person ranked 32nd doesnt? or does everyone above me need to get band 6 for me to get a band 6? thanks
  10. sharoooooo

    is 93+ ATAR possible?

    School Rank: ~120 English Adv: 33/46 Maths EXT 1: 11/18 Maths 2unit: 10/38 Physics: 11/18 Chemistry: 9/24 Biology: 16/48 Biology will only count for 1unit since i have 11units total. Is it possible to get 93+? Thanks
  11. sharoooooo

    Lord of the Flies Notes pls

    hi everyone, so i hate english and have not read my related text. (kinda too late to read the whole book now) does anyone have notes on Lord of the Flies? i know some people did this text in Yr 9/10. i just need quotes and yea ANYTHING PLS im using like sparknotes quotes rn but theyre not...
  12. sharoooooo

    The Bachelorette 2015

    Ayooooooooooo Sam Frost is back for another round! Did anyone watch The Bachelor 2014 when she was on? I love this show so much! Who do you guys think will win her heart? :cool: Loved watching David just sayin bahahhahaha.. Rooting for Dave, Sasha or Michael ftw ;)
  13. sharoooooo

    Communication Notes

    hi everyone, I've been using Ahmad's notes for my entire studies in the Biology Core Topics. however, Im doing the Communication topic and he did Genetics, so... Are there any reliable Band 6 notes out there for Communication? im desperate pls.. pls
  14. sharoooooo

    ATAR estimate for a friend please please :D

    School rank: ~120 Friend 1: Maths 4u: 1/3 Maths 3u: 1/18 Physics: 1/18 Chemistry: 3/24 English Advanced: 24/46 Friend 2: Maths 4u: 2/3 Maths 3u: 2/18 Physics: 4/18 Chemistry: 2/24 English Adv: 8/46 Friend 3: Maths 3u: 9/18 Maths 2u: 5/45 Physics: 9/18 Chemistry: 9/24 Biology: 10/48 English...
  15. sharoooooo

    What do HSC Markers look for in Creative Writing?

    help pls creative writing. teachers are telling us to be metaphorical and have a 'deep and meaningful' discovery and not just a 'basic physical' discovery. but then we only have 40mins to adapt our prepared creative to the stimulus. and also not write a cliche essay at the same time. i...
  16. sharoooooo

    Heeeeeelpp please

    pls help why is it those answers? explain pleease thank you
  17. sharoooooo

    getting fat 4 hsc

    ive gained 3kg cuz hsc stress eating.. i literally eat and study at the same time help.. this better be worth it has anyone else gained? :tongue:
  18. sharoooooo

    Awkward tutoring situation PT. 2

    Hi everyone :( this is part 2 of the "awkward tutoring situation" thread. So, just to intro: Maths tutor is Chris. Phys/chem tutor is Ben ENGLISH Adv tutor is Andrew. Although, i said i was going to leave my maths tutor, I've decided not to cuz i got my trials results back and...
  19. sharoooooo

    Need advice for Multiple Choice!!

    hello everyone, i need some help with multiple choice. when i got my trials back, i lost 2 marks in the biology and 2 marks in chemistry due to the fact that i changed my answer. ( i lost more than 2 marks overall but i'm just saying i lost a total of 4 because of this reason). my initial...