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  1. caramelmacaron

    2012 HSC Legal Studies Paper, 15 mark question on crime. HELP ANYONE??!!

    A couple of things I talked about were: - The effective and ineffective parts of courts. I focused on the flaws with jury trials, the issues (and positives) with the adversarial system of trial, and difficulties with accessing the courts, due to legal aid constraints, as well as the idea of...
  2. caramelmacaron

    Need help with a question

    You definitely want a topic with a lot of scope for discussion, to be able to write a sustained response in 45 minutes. Something like child soldiers, human trafficking, or people smuggling are topics that already have a lot of available material, and would be worth considering. I did human...
  3. caramelmacaron

    Court cases

    I would also take a look at the Legal Studies Watch blog of the state library, they have a tonne of cases, which have been summarised and cut down for you. Here's the link: http://blog.sl.nsw.gov.au/hsc_legal_studies/
  4. caramelmacaron

    Law reform? What is it?

    Law reform is defined as a process of reviewing our existing laws, and recommending or introducing changes to them to improve justice or efficiency. Basically, this just means that there may be some situations in which there is no law covering a particular area of society, or where the existing...
  5. caramelmacaron

    Effectiveness Criteria- Criminal Investigation

    Hi! Under the new syllabus, you don't actually have to refer to specific criteria, as long as you justify your position on effectiveness or ineffectiveness with logical reasoning/cases/media/legislation. That being said, if you wanted to look at 3 criteria that relate to the investigation...
  6. caramelmacaron

    HELP!! Essay Question

    With the ICC, there are some areas of clear effectiveness, and some serious flaws as well. Here are a couple of ideas. The main piece of legislation to talk about is the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court, but discussing cases would also be helpful, as well as referring to the...
  7. caramelmacaron

    The Crime LCMD thread

    Firstly, consider the punishment of incapacitation, or imprisonment. What are the positives? What are the negatives? To give you a few ideas, there were some incredible statistics that I found that showed over 50% of people who enter the prison system in Australia reoffend. Also, it's very...
  8. caramelmacaron

    How do you write a "report' in economics?

    What topic is the assessment on? Usually it would take the same sort of format as an essay, but with less argument and more facts, with an introductory section, lots of graphs and tables, and probably subheadings as well. Be sure to check the exact requirements with your teacher. (:
  9. caramelmacaron

    The use of media articles for Human Rights

    While they might not be absolutely essential, especially if you're running out of time, there are some really great media articles that you could incorporate to differentiate your answers, and show the marker that you have a thorough understanding of the content. This is especially important...
  10. caramelmacaron

    How to study for upcoming English Test

    I did different texts for my comparative study, but what I did was make a page with two columns. On one side, I wrote a point/theme/technique within my first text, and then on the other side, I wrote a corresponding point/theme/technique from my second text. This helped me to build links between...
  11. caramelmacaron

    Good guidelines for number of quotes and techniques in essay?

    There's no real set number, but to make sure you can increase your use of techniques, it's a good idea to choose quotes that have a lot of scope to talk about, in terms of themes and character development. Make sure your quotes are lengthy enough (but not too long), and familiarise yourself with...
  12. caramelmacaron

    How recent is RECENT in an essay question?

    It's always a good idea to have up to date and recent statistics and examples, which I would classify as the past 1-2 years, but often, it can be good to analyse economic activity in terms of pre-GFC, during GFC and recovery up till now. For example, in looking at the resources boom, we can look...
  13. caramelmacaron

    Themes and Challenges

    If you look at most of the Legal essay questions, they actually come from the themes and challenges themselves. Basically, it's a good idea to have an understanding of how the themes and challenges relate to the content, for example, the role of discretion, which is a theme for Crime, and the...
  14. caramelmacaron

    description and type of workload in economics

    I've always described economics as a mixture of the analytical and skills in essay writing of English and content-heavy subjects, with the logical aspects of maths in the calculations, graphs and equations that need to be remembered. I actually found it quite easy to study for as long as you...
  15. caramelmacaron

    How Does Legal Studies Scale?

    It's a pretty easy subject to keep, and I think if you're doing well and enjoy it, that's more important than scaling. What else are you considering dropping?
  16. caramelmacaron

    table in extended response

    You certainly can, as long as you discuss or analyse the statistics or contents of the table. It's good to have supporting evidence in the form of tables and graphs, because it shows the marker that you've done a lot of research. Good luck! (:
  17. caramelmacaron

    Past papers?

    I don't think there's a past paper book, as far as I know, but in terms of textbooks, I used Tim Riley's Year 12 Economics for statistics and more in-depth analysis, although Dixon was good for understanding the concepts. I would say that the Riley and Dixon workbooks are excellent for...
  18. caramelmacaron

    Help pls =D "Explain tension btween community and individual within criminal system"

    Re: Help pls =D "Explain tension btween community and individual within criminal syst Tension really refers to the competing interests of people within the criminal justice system. What may be seen as necessary to protect community interests can compromise the rights and freedoms of individuals...
  19. caramelmacaron

    What is your Major Work idea?

    I totally get that, I was forced to do the same thing, but in Term 1 this year, so I basically had only 2 terms to research and write the whole thing! Feel better? Haha, but I ended up doing okay internally though, and I'm sure you'll be fine, just make sure that you research thoroughly and...
  20. caramelmacaron

    Discretion in the criminal investigation process.

    First off, I would define discretion, as according to former DPP Nick Cowdery, it's applying principles and values to a set of facts within the legal system. I would then talk about areas such as discretion of the public in choosing whether or not to report crime, discretion of police in using...