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  1. LouisaCar

    What does it take to get 95+ in a subject? I just received 83% for a task :s

    Has this ruined my hopes? in my previous assessments I received 95% range
  2. LouisaCar

    HSC SCALING. Anyone know what happens if you only have 3 ppl in class?

    Does scaling still influence your score if you only have a class of 3 people??? e.g. would you get scaled down if the person coming last was achieving in the 60's where as the student coming first achieved 90 HELP PLEASE
  3. LouisaCar

    Outline the purpose of the emulsifying agent in a range of consumer cleaning products

    PLEASE HELP!!! If anyone has done this dotpoint I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what you put down for it. I only got soap and detergent in my textbook and I was going to put shampoo but it says it's Anionic... so this wouldn't fit right? cos it doesn't form an emulsion???
  4. LouisaCar

    Is med science hard if you didn't study chemistry or physics in high school?

    I was just wondering if this coarse went over the fundamentals of scientific subjects or if there is already an expected degree of knowledge???
  5. LouisaCar

    MATHS HELP PLEASE! with absolute error question

    Hi guys, I came across this question and don't understand why the answer is what it is, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain it to me The real volume = 612,896.33cm3 Highest possible (error) = 614,617.58cm3 Lowest possible (error) = 611,178.09cm3 Question: "What is the absolute...
  6. LouisaCar

    general maths algebra question help!!?

    hey guys, could someone please help me solve this algebraic equation ( I'D REALLY APPRECIATE IT !!!) 3p-2/5 - 2p+1/4 = 3 Thankss
  7. LouisaCar

    Hyundai veloster thoughts ?

    hey guys, omgshh so recently I came across the hyundai veloster that is yet to be released and think IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! what do you guysssss think?
  8. LouisaCar

    Change from high school to tafe in year 12?

    Is this a bad idea && would mark scaling be very badly effected ?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! Thanks
  9. LouisaCar

    Studying a HSC subject at tafe??

    Hi everyone, Has anyone done a HSC subject at TAFE? If so please tell me what it's like and if it's any good. I heard you go in one afternoon for 4 hours each week. Thanks
  10. LouisaCar

    Woohoo i cannot wait til eminem concert !!!!

    Who's goingg and feels as pumped as I DO !!!?
  11. LouisaCar

    How to get 90+ in french beginners ???

    Hi everyone, I have just started yr 12 French beginners and understand it is an easy subject to slip up in during assessments & so u must be very well prepared Does anyone have any tips on how I can achieve 90+ in it overall in my final mark Thank you!
  12. LouisaCar

    How do you get 90+ in all subjects??

    Hi everyone, I just started year 12 and reallyyy want to do well in the HSC but so far I have only been able to get band 6 range in a few subjectsss. Was wondering how the people that do well all round DO IT? && do you guys put ALL your time in study THANKS
  13. LouisaCar

    Senior Science???

    I was thinking of picking up senior science this year (yr 12) & was wondering whether the HSC exam has questions on Preliminary work aswel :O or is it just on the things learnt in year 12 THANK YOU !
  14. LouisaCar

    French hsc exam 2011

    Hi, How did everyone find the French beginners HSC paper? 2011 :confused: Can anyone remember what the reading passages were about and the style of questions asked Thankssssssss !!!