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    Best Physics Textbook?

    What is the "best" textbook for Physics (Preliminary and/or HSC)? In addition, what makes them be the "best"? I am personally looking for something which is comprehensive and only teaches what is going to be put into the exam (i.e. NO BULLSHIT) Thanks a ton
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    Subject Selection Review

    Advanced English (+ Extension 1 is possible) Physics Chemistry Three Unit Math Senior Science (OR Biology) 12 Units in Total
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    English Standard vs English Advanced

    I hear that you should do English Advanced but why? Can someone answer this dilemma for me?
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    ATAR Estimate

    School Rank - 2010-2015: 245-345 (lowest and and highest ranking since 2010 to 2015) Subjects Mathematics Extension 2 Mathematics Extension 1 Chemistry Physics Advanced English Ranking and percentage on test. Mathematics Extension 2: 3/4 (people being tutored vs me who doesn't... :<)...
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    Is ROSA seriously as "important" as teachers say they are?
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    Question on 4 Unit Maths

    How often are questions "repeated". How often are there "new" questions which have never been seen before. Are the questions somewhat predictable?