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  1. OMGITzJustin

    Selling Cambridge 3U book $15, perfect condition

    Selling the cambridge 3U book, pm if interested
  2. OMGITzJustin

    Add a separate "HSC Exam Discussion Section" to reduce cluttering on front page?

    Hey mods, I reckon it would be good change forum (at the top) by adding a "HSC 2013 exam discussion" section (I think there was one last year), and just moving all the subjects into that section? by the end of the hsc there will be so many separate sections (for each subject of the hsc)...
  3. OMGITzJustin

    can't login to zmail now?

    So I bought glasses online using the zmail address, and I want to check my order that everything is correct I go to zmail, then my zID and zPass are there as usual and I click login. Normally it goes straight the inbox, but now it keeps on saying: " This account can't be used to access...
  4. OMGITzJustin

    Daily/sunday telegraph at o-week, are they here this year?

    There's a sign up sheet online, but thats only for the dailytelegraph, but you are also meant to get sunday telegraph delivered to your door I've gone to o-week both monday and thursday, walked up and down the main walkway, asked yellow shirts - but I can't freaking find any dailytelegraph...
  5. OMGITzJustin

    Admin and Mods, ever considered adding an O.P. mark?

    I often read threads, and would find it useful to have a mark somewhere in the post that marks a response from the O.P.
  6. OMGITzJustin

    URGENT help with the assessment hsc mark

    Ok here's the details, In mx1 I received an exam mark of 91 and an assessment mark of 87 (I'm second rank - first got 92), so that's a total of 5 marks ASSESSMENT difference. In mx2 I got exand mark 85 and assessment mark of 85 (I'm second rank - first got 90), which is a total of 5 marks...
  7. OMGITzJustin

    American number for hsc results?

    I've been travelling around the USA (every major city) for a month now (still got 9 days), with my family. Been in newyork area for 2 weeks, and tomorrow I'll be in Orlando. Anyways, does the BOS allow you to register an overseas number?
  8. OMGITzJustin

    Has anyone bought those hsc exam workbooks?

    What's actually included in those workbooks, like the english ones? My friend keeps telling me how 'good' they are, but I always thought they included just some short answer responses
  9. OMGITzJustin

    How do teachers calculate your final overall school mark for any subject?

    So I've been getting overall rankings from each teacher, and was just wondering how they calculate your overall marks I was thinking of multiplying the percentage of what you got in the assessment, by the percentage weighting - then adding each "pair" so to speak. e.g. you have 4 assessments...
  10. OMGITzJustin

    Suits thread

    WOW, just watched the latest episode of suits (episode 9), had to vent What do you guys reckon is going to happen? louis to vote for pearson or hardman? the promo for the next episode seemed that louis voted for hardman, but maybe they want the audience to think that? arghhhhhhhhhh can't wait...
  11. OMGITzJustin

    Simple Harmonics Help

    Hey people I'm stuck on a question from the cambridge 3U textbook on Ex 3F, Q10(a): A particle is moving in SHM on a horizontal line has amplitude 2m. If its speed passing through the centre O of motion is 15m/s, find v2 as a function of the displacement 'x' to the right of O, and find the...
  12. OMGITzJustin

    Help with knowing direction of eddy currents produced?

    I'm a bit confused with an effective way to determine the direction of an eddy current so in these scenarios, how do you know which way the direction of eddy current produced in the sheet of metal is? ie. metal moving right from an [xxxxxxxx] magnetic field or metal moving left into an...
  13. OMGITzJustin

    Do tutoring companies like i.e. matrix have access to 2012 CSSA papers?

    Ok so my friend went to this holiday accelerated course for chem (matrix qvb, july 2-6) in the first week of holidays, and when we got back to school he told me they gave the students past papers from exam choice, indep, cssa and so on. But when I asked him what they years they were from he got...
  14. OMGITzJustin

    Volumes by slicing questions

    Hey guys I'm stuck on the cambridge Ex 6.1 Q4, where it requires you to use the slicing method. I'm fairly certain how to do the regular quadratic one (i.e. question 3), where you end up with finding (alpha - beta) etc etc. but this question has an x^4? x,y 0<x<square root 6, 0<y<6x^2 - x^4...
  15. OMGITzJustin

    Reasons for a greater induced emf

    I'm currently writing a discussion for a prac, and I'm currently struggling in finding information for specifics. These are the ones that I'm most annoyed with: I know that more turns of wire and a strong magnet both help maximise a greater induced emf, but what is the reason as to why those 2...
  16. OMGITzJustin

    Changing lane when exiting a round-a-bout

    I was reading "A guide to the driving test" pg 16, I'm just a bit confused as to where you can actually change the lane in the roundabout. It says 'when exiting', do the longer broken lines in roundabout apply the same rule as the shorter ones? I've always driven to the smaller broken lines...
  17. OMGITzJustin

    Tennis and Bruce McAvaney

    Anyone else find his comments absolutely pointless? They are so frustrating and blatantly obvious, and I find all he does is recall what happened in the match and offers no analysis at all. For example today Nadal vs Berdych - "set point" "hes going to have to serve it out for the set" "break...
  18. OMGITzJustin

    Driving test and ATAR

    My mum knows I'm an extremely capable student, and my intentions are not to show off. So couple of days ago I failed my Ps, I explained it somewhere else, so freaking annoyed. Anyways my mum everyday has been extremely annoying/discouraging saying how can I handle the hsc and whatnot, because I...
  19. OMGITzJustin

    Do mathematics 2 unit tests count?

    ok so im doing 10 units, in which 4 are from maths ext2. does that mean no 2 unit assessments count towards anything?
  20. OMGITzJustin

    Can you pick up studies of religion (1unit) if you don't it in year 11?

    I'm just a bit curious, because I overheard a couple of year 12's saying they picked it up at the end of year 11, but I wasn't too sure.