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  1. koukla

    The Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold

    This movie is the sequal to the first one. it has been released straight to dvd, and video exy only had one copy, and since i like ice skating movies i hired it. i must say it is the best romance movie, its up there with the notebook:eek: honestly you have to check it out!
  2. koukla

    Core Subjects

    I am currently about to start my first year in commerce. in the handbook there are 'compulsory core subjects required for the bachelor of commerce' but i know a few friends who have swapped some of these subjects for other 100 level subjects in our first year. can you do this? or will you still...
  3. koukla

    Modern Greek Continuers

    how did everyone go? i found it ok it wasnt very hard at all!
  4. koukla

    fake tan

    as summer is approaching what is the best fake tan method? the most realistic one and easy to apply... i hate when you turn out orange and half of it on your pamls. any preferences?
  5. koukla

    how do you get to the resources section?

    im new on BOS and i have no idea how to get to the resources/notes page thanks
  6. koukla

    guys in pink shirts

    guys in pink shirts? approve or disaprove?? everyone has a different view on this topic
  7. koukla

    hair products

    whats the best products to keep wavy hair curly??
  8. koukla

    will n grace

    gotta be my fav show eva, having a gay friend is d best! its exatly how will n grace n queer eye is.. der hilarious... but karen from will n grace is hilarious.... "hunni hunni wats this what happning n whats goin on wit ur outfit grace?"... "the talkin cookies theyre stalkin me"
  9. koukla

    european fashion

    hey, i was just wonderin wat ppl think of european fashion, its a lil more exciting den d fashion in australia, but im going over there and wanna get my formal dress from der, to is a european formal dress to much cause der so outragous