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  1. saladsurgery

    external hard drives!

    ok, i figured you guys could help me out here. i'm in the market for an external hard drive, to store music/graphics work on, but i don't know where to start/look. my list of requirements: - over 100gb capacity - firewire connection (400, or 800 for forwards compatability) - reliable...
  2. saladsurgery


    in case you haven't already seen the posters, flyers, chalking, banners, etc... the uts students' association (S.A.) start tomorrow (monday 18th)! the polling is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm, and voting only takes 2 minutes. [hang on a minute, didn't we just have...
  3. saladsurgery

    libs and the senate...

    there's a pretty interesting analysis of how it's all going here: http://crikey.com.au/politics/2004/10/12-0005.html if they get an absolute majority, the upper house is reduced to a fucking rubber stamp :(
  4. saladsurgery

    elections suck!

    so basically, i'm over these elections and the polling booths aren't even open yet. but this is pretty much the coolest thing ever, so check it out instead of fighting about boring stuff like interest rates.
  5. saladsurgery

    4 million pixels!

    i know there probably aren't (m)any apple people here, but if anyone watched/read about their keynote speech at WWDC this year: thirty. inch. displays. :cool:
  6. saladsurgery

    2004 Biennale

    http://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/ who's interested in going? i know i'll definitely be there, the 2002 biennale was amazing. at the moment I'm really interested in Lim Tzay Chuen's work A proposition. check out his website for details -- what does everyone think?
  7. saladsurgery

    24 hour beethoven's 9th!

    attention experimental/classical music people: http://www.notam02.no/9/index.html this. is. so. cool.
  8. saladsurgery

    web comics!

    this isn't really reading as such, but most of em have words. does anyone here read online comics? i reckon everyone's seen at least one strongbad email. and some dude on this forum (can't remember who) had a white ninja comic as his signature. i don't think white ninja is very funny...
  9. saladsurgery

    enrol, suckers

    ok. there are alot more fucked things going on at the moment. but, if it turns out to be true, this is still fucked in it's own special way: i've heard from another source that the date for the federal election will be august 7th.
  10. saladsurgery

    war snaps

    look at this photograph. (Originally published in The Seattle Times. The photographer, Tami Silicio, has since been sacked from her job at Maytag Aircraft Corporation, which has a $US18 million contract to handle cargo for the US Government at Kuwait airport.)
  11. saladsurgery

    theory time!

    ok so you've all handed in your BoW's to be shipped off and scrutinized by those strange marker types. now it's just theory. what sort of stuff hve you all been researching/working on? any particular areas of interest/favourite stuff -- artists, movements, exhibitions, etc? oh, and who...
  12. saladsurgery

    the fake newcastle uni forum

    hello. this is the fake newcastle uni forum. just pretend it's a real forum, with only one thread. now um and cyph can talk about stuff and young'ns can ask about degrees and stuff and i can pay out the bar on the hill (which has no hill). erm my mum studies fine arts there stacks of...
  13. saladsurgery

    wanky overintellectualised music

    ok this thread is for talking about wanky overintellectualised music. like radiohead, aphex twin, squarepusher, philip glass, sigur ros, mm, and other bands with cts n thr name. does this sort of music suck or rule?
  14. saladsurgery

    24FPS: Excursions Through Cinema

    <shameless plug> 24FPS is a series of free film screenings being put on by the visual communications program (design, architecture and building faculty) over the course of this semester. seven pm. every thursday. building six (harris st, across that big walkway). room 322. more...
  15. saladsurgery


    ok, this is intended as a uni forum equivalent to the "school/subject" thread. what course are you doing, at what uni (and what year?). this thread may have happened before, but i couldn't find anything. anyway uni: UTS course: b. design (visual communications), first year
  16. saladsurgery


    ...are released in 5 hours. http://www.exams.uts.edu.au/ how'd you go?
  17. saladsurgery

    anyone else?

    yep... building six. anyone else? first year viscom. haha wicked, we're the only uni to have subforums
  18. saladsurgery

    i can't change my status

    i can't change my status! i can't change my status! i'm hyperventilating!!! *falls over*
  19. saladsurgery


    hey, piss off with your macs suck bollocks. any mac people here? the only other person who i know for sure is is lagana, and then mclake too i think, but not really. hmm.
  20. saladsurgery

    holidays. har har harrr.

    yesterday, i handed in my last assignment for the semseter. and i've got no exams, so... *looks at calender* ...7 weeks off. aah. hahaha to all you lot with exams! sorry, just had to do that. if it's any consolation, i've had major assignments due in pretty much every week all semester and've...