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    How to study for listening?

    RFI - Radio France International - has a section called Français facile in which you can listen and at the same time read the transcript of the news extract. On the same page , you can find other learning...
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    2017ers, parliamo!

    Sei bravissima! Che libri stai leggendo? Ciao a presto!
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    french continuers question

    By now, you will have been assigned a teacher at Open High. The best thing would be to talk with him/her and express your concerns. You will need to catch up, mostly on written and oral production. Comprehension is probably at the same level, you just lack the practice. You should increase...
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    2017ers, parliamo!

    Ciao Rose, ci un paio di piccoli errori nella tua presentazione. studiate o si rilassate? dimmi! Avresti dovuto scrivere VI rilassate e ditemi, perché devi mantenere la coerenza pronomi e declinazione verbo per la seconda persona plurale VOI. Nella tua seconda frase sto leggendo i...
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    Type or write study notes?

    I would recommend writing them. It has been proven you remember more and better than with a laptop. Here is the study