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    What's the difference between Describe and Explain in ALARM

    I was actually writing this exam and of course if you're in year 11 they basically try to torture you in essay writing with introduction of these formats etc. A question I would like to ask is what is the difference between Describe and Explain? Seriously These two words literally mean the...
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    The N Award: A master plan?

    Yeah that's true, again I don't have any goals yet; I don't even know the game That's why I'm asking people here otherwise I wouldn't hesitate getting this "award" My teacher is SUPER STRICT and would sometimes look at me, they do actually show everyone's marks, assignments etc. on the...
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    The N Award: A master plan?

    My teacher's way of saying N Award I guess they call it N letter
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    The N Award: A master plan?

    thanks again have a good day
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    The N Award: A master plan?

    Okay, am I right in analyzing your statement as, "If you get 3 N letters you will be disqualified from attending the HSC in ALL subjects?"
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    WTF do i do bruh

    You're probably deluding yourself thinking the subjects interest you or interest you enough to the point where you give your life to it If there wasn't something else your mind was more fixated on you probably wouldn't do that badly
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    The N Award: A master plan?

    As you all know right now at this time of the year (June of 2023) we can't change any courses I've been waiting to change one of my courses for a long time now After one of my dreams has been shattered I'll pursue it again, this time a different strategy I'm required to slave away all my...
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    N award

    DAMN SAME Are we really in the same place literally 14 years later? I'm literally stack as well
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    what's polynomial
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    yo what is the point?

    fuck this atar bullshit I'm not signing up to be a pleb Essay writing is already stressing my out and I still have shit subjects
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    2023 HSC chat

    Unfortunately this was made months ago but if anyone wants to discuss something important or in life in general etc. or if you're bored just let me know if you wanna know anything