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    Bos 2007 Nrl Tipping Competition!

    back to back titles for broncos...FOR SURE!
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    Microeconomics Tutorials

    :P haha yeah i was gonna have to do that as well on wednesdays...but then they opened up a new thursday time slot so i just moved it to there.
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    Mathematics for Business

    you could do the "fundamentals of mathematics (200191)" unit..which basically brings you up to standard with 2unt maths.
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    Financial Institutions and Markets

    yep i went to australia and the global economy today and no tutor showed up =_= The lecturer said no tutorials for the unit this week... crap because on platform web it says TUTORIALS AND LECTURES COMMENCE WEEK 1, which screwed me over. So..microeconomics also says tutes and lecs commence week...
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    Telecommunications Engineer.

    - His indecisive between UTS Engineering and UWS business - He delayed his enrolment session to the 21st so he has a longer time to decide -His already enrolled into his UWS subjects (the tute reigstrations were yesterday for business) - He wants to do Business and Computing but @ UTS. So the...
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    Official 2007 UWS student list

    Bachelor of Economics @ Parramatta
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    Diagnostic Tests!!!

    -4, here i come!
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    Questions about unit selection (bachelor of community welfare)

    uh huh...and whats been settled?
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    late round offers

    they could do anything...up down same....
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    nope, havnt done physics, however i was told it starts from the beginning and theres a slow paced option available - I think ill be fine with that.
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    Civil - And thanks for the clarification.
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    I have only completed up to General Maths in the HSC, and the assumed knowledge for an engineering degree is atleast Maths Ext 1. Well im ready to take on the extra workload, but am wondering how i should go about this. Should i just turn up to the Maths Ext 1 bridging course offered, or start...
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    help with the closing date for enrolments and accepting your offer

    Yes - I'd like to know this too -pokes people- Answer! :P
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    2007 UTS Offers

    603015Bachelor of Engineering Civil, Diploma in Eng Practice - full or part time at University of Technology, Sydney, City campus :)
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    BoS UTS Rollcall! Wooot!

    Me: 603015Bachelor of Engineering Civil, Diploma in Eng Practice - full or part time at University of Technology, Sydney, City campus - Woooh Also korrupt_samurai got into ICT (telecom) engineering. - Wooh for him First years :D
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    Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

    Pepsi Max all the way!
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    Senior Science: 83 Ancient History: 82 General Maths: 79 Modern History: 78 English Advanced: 71 Hmm...HOPEFULLY over a 70 UAI, but should be around that region anyway. How i wish the 79 & 78 would just turn into a 80....:mad1:
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    Who is staying up all night

    No the time i got to my phone it stopped...and it was a private number =_=