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    in how many ways can five writers and five authors be arranged in a circle so that the writers are separated? In how many ways can this be done if 2 particular artists must not sit with one particular writer? Part a i got (2880) but part b is confusing me, i was considering taking the...
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    Perms and Coms

    Hi help with this question would be greatly appreciated How many words are possible using four letters which are selected from the letters of the word syllabus? Thank you!
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    wouldn't you manipulate the integral so that the derivative of the power -1 is in front of the e and then to balance it, place another (-) outside of the integral?
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    this q is from baulkham hills 2023 trials, why do we subtract the integral by 2? I got which i would absolute Help
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    Oh i used the wrong equations, thanks guys!
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    thank you! Another question im completely lost on seeing as theres only one Point of intersection
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    answer was 4 but working out would really help
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    You can make 6 totals, so would that just be my answer?
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    Baruch has two spinners, each with three sides labelled with the numbers 1, 2, 3. He throws the pair of spinners and records their sum. What is the minimum number of throws of the pair required to ensure that the same total occurs at least twice? Also, does any recommend some good resources for...
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    Probability Perm/Comb.

    B ox a contains six white and four black balls. box b contains two white and two black balls. from box a two balls are selected at random and placed in box b. two balls are then selected at random from box b. what is the probability that exactly one of these two balls are white?
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    A committee of seven politicians is chosen from ten Liberal members, eight labor members and 5 independents. In how many ways can this be done to include exactly one independent, at least 3 liberal members and at least one labor member?
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    Find the number of different ways in which n students can stand in a row when two are boys, the rest are girls and the boys all stand together Five drummers and five singers sit together in a row. In how many ways can this be done if a particular drummer must not sit between two particular singers?
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    Proof Perms

    Just a question, when making a common denominator, do u not multiply by the factorial, for example for the first fraction, would u not multiply it by (n-r-1)! ?
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    Proof Perms

    Prove that nPr = (n-2)Pr + 2r. (n-2)P(r-1) + r(r-1) x (n-2)P(r-2)
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    Help with identifying transformations

    Given y= - 1/4-2x +2. How can i find the transformations from the original function 1/x
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    Help with Permutations and Combinations

    Find the number of possible arrangements of the letters in the word PENCILS if a) E comes before I B) There are three letters between E and I I have seen this question on a thread a long time ago but for a), im confused with how to know that there are equal possibilities of e coming before i...