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    I missed out 2 exams.. Would my misadventure be approved?

    IF you are genuinely sick you shouldnt have to worry. If youre trying to play the system however, you have a chance in getting caught
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    hey man u go unsw?

    hey man u go unsw?
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    Drop law transfer to Comm/Eco with 3 majors?

    You should finish graduating from law, you are so close, why waste it, then do the economics degree, Tbh you have a com degree, economics not that much different :)
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    Friends with Benefits.

    works good
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    Why does Claudius care about why Hamlet is mad?

    I used no quotes from critics and in the HSC received a 19/20
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    OMG I LOVE YOU Oblivious!
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    The first time we did it it happened, i found out the issue though, and i just thought of posting it hehehe
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    OK i am deleting that thread, FUCK MY LIFE
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    hey guys what are some good ideas for Valentines 2014? ty
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    Did hsc make a mistake for my friend?

    hey, my friend, can't say, got his English back. However he got 2-3extra marks when he added his raw marks, from the calculated raw marks. DID BOS GIVE HIM EXTRA MARKS :spzz: (blocked out the bos number in background too incase lol) Comp: 15 Creative: 12.5 Belonging essay: 12 A...
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    If i am transferring...

    do i need to change TABL/
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    If i am transferring...

    tabl : Should i drop this if i want to transfer as it does not count?
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    If i am transferring...

    Ok so i am Doing MGMT, ACCT, TABL and ECON, are these subjects fine if i were to transfer to com/law , if i transfered will i still be finished within the 5 years? Because if i am doing law but i am started a year later, how does that not waste a year
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    If i am transferring...

    hey, Im doinn B.Comm for 2014 in UNSW, and if i were to transfer to Com/law by 2015, would i lose a year, or what would happen . If i am transferring, does it matter what subjects i do now, (i am enrolled to 3 subjects which you have to do, and one optional atm, LAW subject) (btw what is...
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    2014 Law Cohort Rollcall

    is there a Commerce camp too ;)
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    hi bby

    hi bby
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    $15 Notes l HSC 97.25 ATAR l Economics, Business studies, CAFS + essay plans

    A huge Vouch to Drifting95 With his notes i assure you won't get "Stuck" in year 12, his notes in Business studies and Economics are in detail and are a key for ANY student who wishes to get a band 6. So cheap and so "in-depth" its a real bargain, and vital for success in year 12. I myself...