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  1. Ellztrap

    hand cramping

    Get some pencil grips, the ones that like kids use Really helped my hand during the HSC, had to buy a few to find the best one but it really helped!
  2. Ellztrap

    BoS Easter meet up

    Still waiting on @enoilgam to see what we’re doing.
  3. Ellztrap

    gap year

    if you’re ever worried about how long it will take you to get through uni if you take a gap year, I have a friend who was in uni for 3 years when I started uni, I have now finished uni (4 years), had 2 years not studying and now back to studying a postgrad, and he is still at uni studying a...
  4. Ellztrap

    gap year

    Someone I know took a few year 12 subjects again in their “gap year/second year 12 year” So they could get a high enough atar to get into med
  5. Ellztrap

    gap year

    I took a gap year. benefical for other reasons too. I worked throughout the year, gained enough of a savings to fund myself to move away for uni I also changed what I wanted to do at uni during my gap year, which I think is the most beneficial part of my gap year. I originally deferred a...
  6. Ellztrap


    My school had it for modern history, I thought it was beneficial.
  7. Ellztrap

    Is making notes useless?

    Writing your own notes is a form of revising the content and a form of study. I did much better in subjects where I made my own notes vs ones where I got ones from here. Also it’s a skill I transferred into uni, as well as my work.
  8. Ellztrap

    Book Review Dump***

    I’m reading American psycho
  9. Ellztrap

    How do people with jobs in Years 11 and 12 have time?

    My input would be to really balance your time, and assess how much you NEED to work, vs how much time you have for study, and other activities. You need to also remember to keep some time to yourself, to enjoy the things you want to enjoy. I didn't study much in year 11 + 12, but I did work 2...
  10. Ellztrap

    Work Experience

    not a zoo, but animals - why not look at a vet?
  11. Ellztrap

    part time job reccs

    im a nurse m8 I also did scouts in year 12 too got an atar in the low 60's
  12. Ellztrap

    part time job reccs

    I worked at maccas through all of year 12 pretty much, worked 6-2pm Saturday and Sunday :cool: Didn’t mind it, got paid like $12.75 an hour or something I sometimes miss working in the cafe there, learnt to make a bomb ass coffee and like the sheer immediate situational stress of the busyness...
  13. Ellztrap

    2023 ATAR/HSC Marks

    For anyone freaking out about your (impending) ATAR, just remember, my atar was in the low 60’s. Yet I’m responsible for people’s lives. just remember that.
  14. Ellztrap

    2024 HSC Chat

    Sonographers can make good money (especially if you’re willing to work rural)
  15. Ellztrap

    2024 HSC Chat

    Had no clue what to do when I finished HS, just wanted to go to uni for the excuse to move out of home. I thought maybe teaching, but decided to look at health related careers instead. Wanted to do radiation technology and be a rad tech in a hospital, but I only got early entry for a uni in the...
  16. Ellztrap

    In a big dilemma… need opinions

    After reading the thread about not going to school, I’d say defs move back. 2.5hrs travel time is way too long, especially if it’s to somewhere you hate. Your marks will suffer. I went to a small school with 6 kids in my year, yet the cohort after me (3 kids) 2 of them managed to get into med...
  17. Ellztrap

    2024 HSC Chat

    Nothing better than a day sleep. Tbh tho all nighters aren’t good for long term health, don’t become nocturnal.
  18. Ellztrap

    2024 HSC Chat

    I feel they can work well if you let yourself sleep after. currently on 3rd all nighter this week ;)
  19. Ellztrap

    2024 HSC Chat

    Practicing for shift work? Going to work at 7pm and getting home at 7:30am, sleeping till 5pm, one day off then have to get up and start work at 7am-7:30pm rip Rinse repeat. Don’t be a nurse.
  20. Ellztrap

    how do know what i want to do in university?

    It’s hard. Tbh like when I was looking at uni all the courses that interested me were ones where there’s a set job for the course example: pharmacy, education, nursing, midwifery etc. which I guess made it easier to pick the course, if you wanna be a nurse you do a bachelors of nursing, if you...