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    Bonus points into diag radiography?

    I got into BCom at usyd which has the atar req. I got 93 + my low SES 5 bonus points = 98 selection rank = guaranteed entry.
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    BUSS1030 is ruining my WAM
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    University and ethnicity

    Maybe for the Science fac, but the Business School is chock-full of Chinese internationals.
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    Half yearlys

    u still have plenty of time to catch up and tweak your study routine. dw you'll be right.
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    Good HSC books on Albert Speer?

    Republic to Reich by Mason
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    UTS Law

    BUSS1020? i'm doing that next sem, thank goodness :haha:
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    UTS Law

    e12 isn't that competitive. As long as you've done things outside of school and been a leader inside, you'll be set. Rankings don't matter either. However, you gotta make sure your school's apart of a low-socioeconomic area.
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    English standard advice

    Try to pull your rank up to at least top 5.
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    UTS Communications

    Most communication grads go on to work in Public Relations firms and according to this website at least 4 of the key tasks of a PR worker require a bit of socialising and people skills. Also, i'd give creative writing a miss. The general rule of...
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    How's everyone's first year of uni so far?

    Everyone at uni is so much more nice, welcoming and open than I expected, which is great since a lot of the assignments are group work. Lectures are a bit of a slog through since most are about 2 hours long.
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    Is this an opportunity I should take?

    Army Cadets is an opportunity too good to pass out on imo. Even if you don't make it into your course, you can transfer later on BUT you'll still have the camp to attach to your resume which is invaluable for later employment. You're only missing out on a week anyway; nothing too detrimental...
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    HSC compressed curriculum

    imo u may not get the chance to improve your time management skills with a reduced workload.
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    Best tutoring centres to work for

    I'd definitely recommend looking into Kip McGrath Education Centres. They have a very diverse tutoring staff and tutees in most of their centres. You'd be working from after schools clock off to about 8 in the evening on weekdays and mornings on weekends. Rooms are stocked with plenty of...
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    School B6's

    School performance fluctuates each year no matter where you go. The number of previous b6s is a good indicator of future performance, but it isn't the be all and end all. However, the weaker your school is, generally the easier it is to get good ranks. Ultimately, it's just up to how you perform...
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    Advice regarding studying!

    If you really want to step up your studying game, you should look into active studying. This includes gathering a few of your mates (or yourself) and teaching the content or giving a small talk about the subject. You'll know if what you've studied will be retained for exam day if you can...
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    Is law boring

    There's a lot of reading involved. So if you're not too keen on that, you're not gonna have much fun.
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    Post your 2018 university offers here

    haha lol yeah, i'm pretty dumb. couldn't have made it in without EAS. the cut off's 95 and i got 5 points which brought my selection rank to 97.