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    Be a comedian.
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    study places

    uts library. There is even a food court.
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    Can I discontinue a course before Honours year?

    If you get enough work experience through internship then you will be good.
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    Can I discontinue a course before Honours year?

    I will add to what Carrors has said. Honours is meant to be a research degree. It will increase the length of your degree by 1 year. In practice only about 2 subjects are research-based. The remaining subjects will be technical or soft-skills subjects. If you want to do PhD then you most likely...
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    Hi Brian, how do we know you have an ATAR of 99.95?
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    silly mistakes

    Practise lots of past papers. Make note of what errors you are making.
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    Having doubts about degree

    Saying USYD does not have an IT degree is bit meaningless as Usyd Bachelor of Advanced Computing can be seen as an IT degree. What matters in deciding between UTS and USYD should be things if a particular subjects is taught or not. Are there any issues with particular subjects?
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    online work experiences

    Just to add to Ksalu's answer. It is worth looking at online courses such as on Udemy, Coursera, Edx etc. Forage does provide a virtual internship (not an actual internship). You will be given a project. However, you may need some prior knowledge before attempting them. E.g., the Quantium...
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    Correct solutions?

    15 is good. 19 is too hard to read.
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    results that need to be proven

    Some laws seem to be axioms. i.e. statement that is true and cannot be proven. In my opinion, you should be allowed to use any theorem you know in an exam. The most important point is demonstrating understanding.
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    does your maths skills die off?

    If you get arrogant then yes things are not going to end well. What happens is there myelin sheath. This cover the neural connection of the brain. Overtime the myelin sheath can weaken which can cause your memory pathway to change without you realising. So to summarise, yes your mathematical...
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    I will take it you want to find out what textbook is required. Determine the subject. Let say Math1141. Type MATH1141 outline in a search engine. You should be able to find the outline. From the outline it will mention the textbook if any.
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    Mathematical Induction Inequality

    Yes but surely you must have attempted something. You need to somehow make use of the statement being true for n= k. It would be good if you used a textbook with solutions
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    Mathematical Induction Inequality

    Prove the base case. Prove that if the statement is true for n = k then it true for n = k+1 #(1) Repeatly apply (1) to prove it is true for all n. For some question you may need to make use lemmas. It would be good if you made an attempt first and presented your attempted solution
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    DMT (de moive's theorem) q.

    I think what is going on they are applying binomial theorem. Basically you should try expand (1+i)^n and (1-i)^n. I will need to double check to make sure.
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    Stressing about results

    In the grand scheme of things it will not matter. What matters is you learn from your mistakes.
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    Prohibited Vehicle Exemption (P-platers)

    I found the form. I think you might be able to drive it assuming they don't required consider all the conditions for the exemption.
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    University Transfer

    This question is best directed at UNSW. There may be some subjects you receive credit recognition.
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    Biomedical engineering

    uts offers a biomedical engineering degree.
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    Biomedical engineering

    A bachelor degree is 3 years. A honours degree is 4 years. You can do an a double degree. That will be 5 years. I think it would be good idea to pair it with IT.