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  1. ambermorn

    Does anyone know where to purchase second hand tafe textbooks

    Try looking them up on Worth a shot.
  2. ambermorn

    Rules for Staff

    Hahaha, I use "mate" a lot at work. But I do work in a very casual environment, where a formal greeting would be just so odd.
  3. ambermorn

    I probably shouldn't be posting this

    Yeah, I've heard the traffic updates on some radio stations now saying "watch your speed in x, y and z areas" so I'm hoping that's in reference to the mobile cameras. I wish they'd only appear in the listed locations, there's not many near me on the list.
  4. ambermorn

    Ohh dear.. please help :(

    Good news, hope it works out ok for you. That guy sounds like a total wanker.
  5. ambermorn

    When do i apply for christmas casual jobs?

    Most major retailers recruitment drives start early in September, but I've applied for Christmas Casual positions in October/November in the past. Keep an eye on career/retailer websites for when they'll pop up.
  6. ambermorn

    Autumn semester 2010 results

    Abnormal Psychology: Distinction (79) Advanced Research Methods: Distinction (80) Managing People at Work: Credit (68) Happy, but next semester I'll definitely go to lectures lol. Congrats everyone!!
  7. ambermorn

    Did my chance to accept offer go by :(?

    I tried looking around the website but can't find a closing date. Sorry mate. Ring the Contact Service Centre in the morning: 1300 897 669. Yell at them for not hiring me too lol.
  8. ambermorn

    Autumn semester 2010 results

    I used to do the semesterresults.asp trick in Platform Web. Alas, it works no more either. I also remember the GPA changing previous to releasing results which helped to figure out what marks one got. Anyway, 9 hours now. I hate waiting for anything.
  9. ambermorn

    Resumes in person, or online

    Definitely go for it at the smaller stores (just check on their websites first in case they do have an online application process). Even if there's no sign up in the window, many stores will keep resumes on file for a couple of months in case a position becomes available. If whoever is taking...
  10. ambermorn

    B BUS any good?

    I'm not in the BBC, but I did do a HRM subject for my elective this semester. A lot of the BBC students in my tutorial were either mature age students or working full time and I found them quite insightful and mature. I took the class in the evening though, I think I'd have had a different...
  11. ambermorn

    Where to apply/get a job?

    I would. My place of work, as well as plenty of other places I know, keep resumes on file for a number of months in case a position comes up. We get a few resumes a week, and if it means my boss doesn't need to pay to run an ad on seek/newspaper, then that's a bonus for him and the people who've...
  12. ambermorn

    Whats closer ? Penrith or Bankstown

    Yeah, Bankstown you'll be driving into the traffic, whereas Penrith is super fast to get to from the M4. I'm assuming you'll be doing arts as they're the two major arts campuses? What major are you doing? Some campuses have more subjects available on them than others.
  13. ambermorn

    Amazing Customer Service?

    Be genuinely friendly, quick, and don't spit in my burger :).
  14. ambermorn

    Rules for Customers

    LOL I was going to post about that!! That Maccas is never really open much after 5:30, except for Thursdays. Could be pretty good for all the groups of laborers who come in for lunch maybe...can't see the point otherwise. Haha unless you bought one for your work friends :P
  15. ambermorn

    Subject Enrollment and Tute Registration

    All here: Tutorial registration | University of Western Sydney (UWS) You can add subjects to your enrollment up to 2 weeks after semester commences, but it's so much easier to just have them chosen by tute registration (or a week earlier if you have a rule waiver).
  16. ambermorn

    vUWS working for anyone?

    I had troubles with the UWS home page last night but was able to access vUWS and my student email both last night and tonight.
  17. ambermorn


    Sorry, I tried to post in this thread and then the forum went down :( I'm not in law, but I know melsc has done law at UWS and then transferred to Macquarie. Perhaps try sending her a PM with your questions, she would be able to give the best insight as she has studied at both uni's...
  18. ambermorn

    Do you consider...

    ...receiving a lap dance in a strip club to be seen as cheating on a partner? No touching of course, just the dance. Curious to see what people think.
  19. ambermorn

    Absent Fail?

    Try the "Oh I didn't see the roll coming around that week" trick?
  20. ambermorn

    WSU Chatter Thread

    Re: 2010 UWS Chatter Thread Haha thank you! I was just thinking that a month from today is my first exam. Ahhh study time :S Anyone gotten any marks back yet? Most of mine wont be back until end of semester (grr) but I got 83% for a stats report (average late 50's from memory) which I was...