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  1. Chronost

    Great minds think alike :)! Hello friend! Let's catch up when you see this

    Great minds think alike :)! Hello friend! Let's catch up when you see this
  2. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    Did you meet the cadets? i think there's two cadets (maybe one now) there that are fairly active here :P That 30 quote for EY is abit big(as mentioned by someone else), I think it was more relevant back in my year and maybe the year before mine when all the big 4 were doing cadetships and it...
  3. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    I just say like, local accounting firm or something, I mean you can it small-tier, but if they're small, then people call them a number of things really. Local firm, small firm, 2-3 partner firm etc..
  4. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    Answered your own question :T Usually the number of partners determines whether its a mid-tier or small, I mean usually mid-tiers started off consolidating/partnered with a number of small firms and create a network to be able to benefit from the scale and have greater opportunities (e.g. you...
  5. Chronost

    what's your fave ice-cream?

    Does ice cream flavour tell what kind of person you are :T?
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    Summer Vacation Internship's 2017/2018

    Bump cause Macquarie opened, and a couple more are opening soon
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    Cadetships 2017

    Very rare to move divisions in mid-tiers,even if you do voice your opinion,things such as training costs,and budgetting/planning for that position etc..effect mid-tiers much more per person. A tax cadetship is fine for exit opportunities, it can spun in a multitude of ways just like an audit...
  8. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    All of you might diss people for already thinking about moving before starting, but the reality is, a lot of people move away from Cadetships after 1-3 years. I agree to an extent though that it's not great to have a mindset like that when you start because you'll always think of moving and thus...
  9. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    Yes, pretty much what seremify said it's a common move, you'll very likely need to start as a grad again for TAS/big MC, but i guess that's half the fun :P
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    Meet the business leader event

    Good event when I went (back in 2012 or 2013, i think it was the first time for the event too), basically a normal format where you have some speakers, they speak about the life of an accountant, the job etc..and then you can network with different firm representatives etc... Worth going to as...
  11. Chronost

    Cadetships 2017

    He's talking about Macquarie University in that context, not the bank lol. Good to see this thread hasn't changed much in regards to question since I last came here :T
  12. Chronost

    Student Life and FUN

    UOW definitely has alot more going on it towards the social scene, but it does have a certain flavour (drinking parties etc..) , UTS is more spread but not as active. That said I would rather choose a course I enjoy more, because you'll be spending a minimum 3 years in that course (plus money)...
  13. Chronost

    Transfer from Economics to Commerce - it is worth?

    No point transferring unless you're transferring to do two majors in a B.comm that aren't eco. That said the IPP program is basically a free internship at solid companies, so weigh your pros and cons
  14. Chronost

    Microwaves on campus?

    There are some at wentworth in the lunch area, in addition to a few at the International student lounge. Not sure about Fisher library since I don't visit it much often anymore
  15. Chronost

    Studying in Uni for a long time bad or good (9-10 years)?

    Because you study for another couple of years to specialise in anything after your med degree including GP
  16. Chronost

    Applied Finance/Commerce at MQ suitable for Investment Banking?

    Don't talk if you don't know things, please.
  17. Chronost

    The Asian Music Thread

    I can see them going somewhere , dem waists doe, woowee
  18. Chronost

    The Asian Music Thread

    Posted page before! My new fav song, YEAH THIS MY JAM, PUMP IT UP!
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    Dota 2

    Is this real life? Ti6 upsets 110% this year
  20. Chronost

    Cadetships 2016

    I dont understand this point, that's the same as a cadetship (you can of course fastrack further with more subjects depending on you and the firm).