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  1. theycallmebob

    6000 words?

    So my major work is 6000 words as of now, not for lack of effort, just that I have had trouble figuring out where to go from where I am at, as the story itself is pretty much finished. it is due tomorrow, so I'm going to squeeze in as many words as I can. But if it ends up being only 6000, how...
  2. theycallmebob

    Why teachers need to be better informed:

    I go to a yr11-12 school, and they say that their strength is that they specialise in the HSC and therefore "know the HSC". Here are some examples of the profound knowledge that has been imparted to me in regards to the technical details of the HSC and ATAR: "Only the HSC exams count towards...
  3. theycallmebob

    is 4g worth it?

    thinking of getting an HTC on 4g
  4. theycallmebob

    Related texts in introduction?

    Do you need to include your related and prescribed texts in the intro? I feel this somewhat limits how concise it is.
  5. theycallmebob

    "further comments" on accommodation application form...

    I am applying for the university owned accommodation for the university of sydney. What should I put in the "Please enter any further comments that you may have regarding yourself and your application" section? is it like a "tell us about yourself" question, or a "why do you deserve...
  6. theycallmebob


    when should I start applying? which is the best choice? i don't want to apply to a bunch of places and throw around application fees. I like the look of the village, is that good?
  7. theycallmebob

    video ezy or pizza hut? + pay rate

    so i have a job offer at video ezy, but I've just had an interview at pizza hut and I'm not sure which one would be better. as far as pay goes, which is more?
  8. theycallmebob

    SAT or HSC?

    Which do you think is the better system? USA: study for the SAT test in junior year (yr 11) and then chill out for the senior year, go to parties, be awesome. AUSTRALIA: study like crazy for 2 years, receive state rank.
  9. theycallmebob

    budgeting for uni

    trying to figure out budgeting for next year how do you pay for living expenses and all while going to uni? I will most definitely not be receiving financial support from parents and I will be living away from home (going to sydney, currently in newcastle) will I need to save up beforehand...
  10. theycallmebob

    tips for practicing and delivering a speech

    have to learn this speech tonight
  11. theycallmebob

    re-using related texts

    can you do it?
  12. theycallmebob

    study music

    what do you guys find most effective? I've been listening to The Album Leaf, it really helps.
  13. theycallmebob

    how good are the resources?

    I just downloaded some sample belonging speeches assuming that they will all be like, model works or whatever. is this a reliable assumption? will they all be A-range?
  14. theycallmebob

    favourite subject?

  15. theycallmebob

    what will my restrictions be?

    I plan on doing arts/communications, and study a bunch of units, namely philosophy, psychology, whatever interests me. I'm not doing any maths or sciences in the hsc, will this limit what I can study?
  16. theycallmebob

    essay body paragraphs

    so in an essay, do you think you should: a: separate the related texts into separate paragraphs or b: integrate them into paragraphs depending on the paragraph topic
  17. theycallmebob

    how many band 5's can I get?

    how many high band 5s can you get and still get an ATAR of 99? 1? 2? 0? what about to get 95+?
  18. theycallmebob

    another scaling question!

    so how does scaling and ranks work in classes with lower numbers? for example my ex2 class has 5 students, and last term I did poorly in the viva (came last). I blame the fact that it was in term 4. will the less amount of students and the our general good level of performance be likely to...
  19. theycallmebob

    teachers contributing to stress. discuss.

    the one thing that bugs me about the HSC so far is the amount of pressure teachers put on people. if you're late for homework or don't do this or that they tear you up. it stresses me out. sure it's their job to make sure we succeed, and it makes their job easier if we cooperate, but in the end...
  20. theycallmebob

    how to figure out a concept

    yep, it's february and I still don't know what to do for my major work. I do know that I want to use different perspectives, explore ideas of fate and coincidence. how can I decide what to do?