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  1. flipsyde

    Law and the Digital Economy Final exam spring 2004

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of this test, and possibly answers so that I can refrence them? Thanks
  2. flipsyde

    MDes Sci- Digital Media

    Hey there all I was wondering if you could all help me out. I recently got an acceptance letter for a mid year admission into M Design Science-Digital Media. My question is a little lengthy but if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I went to a private college when I got my...
  3. flipsyde

    Industrial Peircing

    So I've been contempating for a looooong time about getting one. But I'm scared as hell they theyre going to hit a nerve and Ill be paralyzed (spelling) I asked my mum (nurse) whether it was true and she said yes, I then asked a piercer and they said the answer was no. So I'm thinking that my...
  4. flipsyde

    Portfolios- A quick 'How to'

    Hey there, I finished my HSC in 2004 and I work in marketing and advertising (I did ITMM), I do basically the web and graphics stuff. Now I've had a LOT of people ask me about portfolios and 'how to' do one so that they can get into uni/college/TAFE or get a job. They also ask about the...
  5. flipsyde

    drummer wanted

    is this the right section for it? Anyway my friends band is looking for a drummer for their rock/metal band 'stendhal syndrome' male or female it doesn't matter as long as you can have fun, be creative and get along with the band location: Caringbah (currently 2 males bassist/vocalist...
  6. flipsyde

    guitaring question

    hey all, I have sort of a 2 part question here so I hope you can bear with me. q1- I've just started learning electric guitar and I've been mucking around with tabs and chords and a few scales. I think I'm ready to start learning a song. The problem is I dont know what a good song to first...
  7. flipsyde

    what's he hiding?

    This is kinda a long story, so please bear with me I really need your help. For the people who were at the meet, you may have spotted me with my bf. Anyway for a while we were having a lot of trouble within our relationship, just arguing etc etc. It got to the point where I said to him "I...
  8. flipsyde

    Ladies I need fashion help lol

    Ok so Im a tomboy yeah but Im going to the races with some of my friends in 2 weeks, so Im braving the reputation and going for a skirt and nice top etc etc I made my own hairpiece to. Now cos I know little-to-nothing about fashion I need an opinion... do my shoes match my outfit? Please...
  9. flipsyde

    Help me please!!!

    I know this is a long story but I REALLY need your help!!!! *names have been changed Ok so I got a weird sms a few days ago saying "Hey babe whats up?". this was from a number that I didnt know so I sms'd back "who the hell is this?" I didnt get a reply. Tonight I got a message...
  10. flipsyde

    Edible Undies

    ...where do I get them and how much do they usually cost?
  11. flipsyde

    two unis at same time

    I was wondering...Ok Im currently at college doing a degree thats a university equivalent right, and peopel from my college have gotten into masters degress no worries, because its exactly the same only not studied at a university. My question is... heres my situation- I want to study a...
  12. flipsyde

    I don't know what to do

    ... I don't even know why I'm posting this... I guess its more to the fact that I want peoples opinions...I can'tlive in my house anymore. My parents constantly fight over everything, they always have but right now I'm at breaking point. Its gotten to the point where I cry myself to sleep every...
  13. flipsyde

    Seeing your partner everyday...

    Does anyone think that your partener would get sick of seeing you everyday. Im on holidays from uni at the moment. I have 1 more week but for the past 2 weeks I have been gong to my bf's house or vice versa, or meeting him at his work so we can have lunch together (not like surprise visit, we...
  14. flipsyde

    Help! PowerShot SD630 digital IXUS65

    can some one please help me with this problem its really frustrating me. The photos I take are gigantic I need ot be able to make them smaller. I know how to fixi it on other cameras but this camera doesnt seem to have an option for its and I really need to know because at the moment its made...
  15. flipsyde

    guys! can you explain this

    Ive been dating this guy for 1 month today. But because today was mothers day and I have a family party *shudders*, we went out last night. It was his friends party of some sort. I was introduced to everybody as his girlfriend but the whole night hed bearly touch me, he didtn kiss me or...
  16. flipsyde

    html tagging

    damn! Ive had a mental blank. Im webcoding for an assignment at the moment, its amazing how you forget the simplest things haha. Anyway I was wonding if someone could help me, Ive fogotten the tag for say... ok theres a music track, you want them to be able to download it when they click...
  17. flipsyde

    facial masks

    Hey I was wondering of anyone knew of any good face masks... I really need to start returning moisture into my face as well as well as help unclog pores. I mean I use proactive, it helps tha acne but I still get clogged pres, black heads and ist really dry. Plus I want to just wear a mask to...
  18. flipsyde

    cinema 4d help

    hey I was wondering if anyone could help me with my cinema 4d problem... I HATE cinema 4d... it keeps losing my files etc etc.. I had an animation going before then it lost the data and this things due tomorrow so I have to get it done... anyway heres my problem... The little handly thing...
  19. flipsyde

    white hair patch

    I wanna dye a piece of my hair white...it costs $50 at a hair dressers so does anyone know how/where I can buy the dye to do it myself.
  20. flipsyde

    CS- please help

    Hey does anyone here play/know of the game counterstrike? I need to study it for an assignment. I've seen it played etc but the only way I seem to be able to get it is if I pay to dowload it off the net... but I cant buy things off the net...does anyone know where I can buy it?