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  1. 2sense

    Speed Dating

    What do you think of speed dating? Any advice for future speed-daters? i it effecti ve in hooking up people? Is it just a fun thing? Is it a typically desperado last resort thing?
  2. 2sense

    Simultaneous Orgasms

    Do simultaneous orgasms happen in real life or do they just happen in movies. What does it mean if anything? when and if it happens does it eem like the couple is meant to be and also what happens if the guy ejaculates before the girl orgasms. does the girl get angry? Getting down to the nitty...
  3. 2sense

    2 days till Irp is due

    I have 2 days till my Irp is due. I haven't started because i was considering dropping it and now i don't really want to. I think I can finish it but I'm not sure how much primary research to do. So far i'm thinking of doing a survey. Can i complete an irp with just one piece of primary research?
  4. 2sense

    Trial Question

    I have a feeling that an essay question from the trial will be about fiscal policy. SOmething like: Analyse how the govt. conducts fical policy in achieving its economic objectives. How should I prepare for this question and what should i be looking for to include in my answer and...
  5. 2sense

    economics essay

    I have an in class 40 minute assessment task essay on economic growth, unemployment or inflation or all three in a couple of days. Theres heaps to cover and i don't know where to start and how to link these if more than one of these topics pop up. I have a feeling that its going to be mostly on...
  6. 2sense

    Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby

    Has anyone in the universe seen this seven-part tv series. This show is a cracker.Best thing to come out of New Zealand since mainland cheeseIt as an absolutely hilarious satire. Its ashame the series is nearly over , I started on the third episode. What do you all think? Seven Periods with...
  7. 2sense

    Seduction Guides

    Has anyone heard of these seduction guides like Layguide by Tony Cink, Maniac High and Ross Jefferies etc. I stumbled upon some of these at the book store and they say that if one follows these guides on will be successful. Could anyone tell me how success they really are or if they work or what...
  8. 2sense

    Weird Al

    Anyone heard of Weird Al Yankovich, the maker of such paradies as complicated, rocky road and the much acclaimed award winning eat it? If you have , please state what you think about him.
  9. 2sense

    Any good novels about change?

    Does anyone know any good short stories or novels about change thats not on the HSC Board of Studies list?