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    Who is Garraty and McCaughey

    Ok so i know that Garraty and McCaughey are two historians but does anyone know where i can actaually find information about them...or do u know about them thanks manda
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    JABBERWOCKY + Tempest

    Can some one please help me as i have a speech due on tuesday and need urgant help i dont know how to relate the JABBERWOCKY poem back to the tempest all i no i can say is that we are forced to imagine whats is happending but thats it... any help would be good
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    Macleay 2009!!

    Just wondering... anyone who is going..give me a holla.. im doing journolism... dont wanna walk into a room and know no1..haha or whateva manda
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    Oral Speech!! please help

    Ok so we gotta do a prominent personality, or social group (as an indivdual) but i have no idea who to do or what to do...we are susspose to be the person but i need topic ideas please PLEASE HELP ME!!
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    The Justice Game

    Is anybody else doing the Justice Game?? I need help but it seams everyone is doing Frontline!!
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    studies of religion

    hey!! i was just wondering if anyone did studies or religion 2 units?? and if so were u made to do it i was.....
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    Chem help..test tomorrow!!

    hey!! im freakin out cause tomorrow is my chemestry exam and i have no idea on some topic so i was wondering if u can help me! or any pointers...or any previous text papers like when it comes to the mole concept...how do i actually work it out of its for example what mass of Fe2O3 can be made...