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  1. framed

    ATAR Estimate please! :)

    I've asked for an estimate before but I thought it might be an idea with trial results back now to get an idea of what my marks might look like with my final rankings School rank: 175-ish English Advanced: 5/59 (89%) English Extension 1: 4/7 (86%) English Extension 2: 3/4 (80%) General...
  2. framed

    ATAR Estimate please :)

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you could make an ATAR estimate English (Advanced): 6/60 English (Extension 1): 5/7 English (Extension 2): 3/4 General Maths: 7/36 Legal Studies: 1/16 Business Studies: 2/20 Music 2: 1/2 My school is ranked around 170-180 Thanks!