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    Tips for Lecturers

    Hey guys, I've made some dumb videos on annoying habits lecturers do that limits the at-home viewing experience. So far I've covered the issue of lecturers asking questions and not being able to hear a student's response; I've also suggested tips to enhance and correct it (And yeah, I know I...
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    High School Confessions?

    Okay, after reading all these threads on the anticipation of receiving bands, ATAR and so forth, I can't bear this. I'm shitting bricks and I feel like lying on the floor for the rest of the day. So, anyone want to confess embarrassing/hilarious high school memories? Not that great, but one time...
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    Predictions on Yeats' Question 2015

    Friend seems very certain that we'll receive a prescribed poem and an extract, any thoughts?
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    Answering HSC Questions (mini dilemma)

    Answering questions that are '5+ marks', my teachers recommend defining the term. So for example, if it's a shelter question, I should begin by stating its definition and then continuing with my argument/topic sentence. I'm not sure whether to do it, I usually don't as I believe it can, at...
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    first principles of differentiation

    Does the HSC usually asks questions on the first principles of differentiation and limits?
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    The Nature of Western Imperialism in the 19th century

    Does anyone have notes on this topic or where I find reliable resources/information on this?