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    Do you get a WAM on your transcript if you only done 1 semester of study?

    Do you get a WAM on your transcript if you only done 1 semester of study? is that possible?
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    REALLY easy accounting question I JUST DONT GET IT OMG..

    Obtained a loan of $500 from PDY Bank at a simple interest rate of 3% per year. The first interest payment is due at the end of August 2013 and the principal of the loan is to be repaid on 1 June 2017. Which journal should I post this in, the general journal or the special cash receipts...
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    "culture eats strategy for breakfast" management essay question. Can someone pls help

    For management my essay the question requires you to critically discuss "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker) I just cant seem to understand what it means and someone whos done introductory mangaement subject at uni please help. Any tips will be appreciated I will be...
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    Once you graduate uni and before you start graduate work. Can you go holiday?

    This is specifically talking about bachelor of commerce. Once you graduate university at the end of November (usually) and you apply and get the job for big 4. How long do you usually have before you start your work? Is it possible to go on a 2 month holiday with family??? do you think...
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    Does anyone know for USYD combined law is it possible to drop LAW "ANYTIME U WANT??"

    Just wanted to say this is a serious question and I would really appreciate any help. I know some of you have hatred towards me in the past and I apologise. This is a question directly to the combined law students (commerce/law) to the USYD students. However this might be the same in other...
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    Does anyone know if this is possible to do in a com/law degree at MQ uni?

    I'm thinking off putting off "ALL" my law units for the next two semesters. I am in first year right now and by this what I mean is doing 4 commerce units a semester instead of doing the typical 3com-1law units way. This is for personal reasons and I was just wondering if this is "possible".
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    What is the biggest of the big 4's?

    Was wondering what is the bigggest of the big 4's. Also are any of the big 4 in America?
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    Can someone rate the competitiveness of this SPECS for Mid tier law firm please.

    Aim: Any mid tier law firm. - Macquarie B.commerce/B.laws(second class honours) - WAM for commerce = 80, WAM for law = 72, (OVERALL WAM = 75, MQ GPA : 3.5/4.0) - All attempts for Mooting extracurricular, 3.5 years irrelevant part time work experience, 2 relevant clerkship for law,
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    Is it possible to do internships while you are doing summer school in your last year?

    Just a question in your second last year is it possible to do an internship while going to summer schooL?
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    Can you go up the corporate ladder in big 4 with just a straight b.commerce? NO MBA..

    Can you climb the corporate ladder in a big 4 audit without an MBA? Or is MBA a must if you want to get those senior positions.
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    which one of STAT107 or BBA102 is harder to get high distinction?????

    Which one of these two is harder to get HD considering you put the amount of work in.
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    Hey guys who recieved their $1000 from centrelink?? for sem2??? I didnt get mine yet!

    Hey guys who recieved their $1000 from centrelink?? for sem2??? I didnt get mine yet! wtf?
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    introduction to human resources or microeconomics, which ones harder?

    Introduction to human resources (HRM107?) Vs microeconomics (econ111) Which one is harder to hit high disction??
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    Is there a significant difference between a 66-credit average and 71-credit average??

    Like in terms of getting a job in the big 4 or mid tier accounting firms etc... Is there a significant difference between 66-credit average and a 71-credit average. Can we be dead honest here please.
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    in a comm/law degree is it possible to do a full semester of ONLY commerce units?

    in a comm/law degree (normal one) is it possible to do a full semester of only commerce units or is that against the rules?
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    What is the chance of MQ's ECON111 (microeconomics) being credited for USYD's BUS1040

    So I was wondering what was the chance of ECON111 (microeconomic principles) at Macquarie being credited for USYD BUSS1040(economics for business decision making). The reason why I am asking this is because I heard BUSS1040 has a bit of macroeconomics as well...... Anyway does anyone...
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    Wow sydney uni is above Yale and Upenn and princeton uni for ACCOUNTING

    Wow sydney uni is above Yale and Upenn and princeton uni for ACCOUNTING http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/university-subject-rankings/2013/accounting
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    You know all those Asian internationals at USYD, is it true they dont need any ATAR??

    So you know at USYD you see and get to knowalot of those asian international students who are usually doing bachelor of commerce or bachelor of economics etc and they dont have visa and will go back to their country after they graduate. Is it true that USYD just needs them to get a good...
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    Guys can anyone recommend me an extremely easy people unit?

    MQ commerce students!!! can you give me info on the difficulty of these subjects!!??? *close thread Already decided to these subjects this semester. MTKG MAnagement Stats BUSL100 for people unit
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    Does your centrelink get reduced if you work part time during uni?

    like around 10 hours a week~~~ $150/week So if it doesnt get reduced, I will get all my part time work money + MAXIMUM centrelink money right?