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    Can I buy this for my first car?

    I've been looking for a ride in the used car market through private sellers. After being able to look at eight cars in person, there was only one seller able to provide a service history of the car and logbooks. The seller was able to provide me with receipts of the major service done in 2011...
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    Test and compare your internet speed

    http://www.speedtest.net/ I got 16.50 Mb/s for download and 0.86 Mb/s for upload. I think you can also post the pic of the image. How does everyone else compare?
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    Are you working?

    How many of you people will be OR plan to be studying and working?
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    B Psychology @ UWS compared to B Arts/B Science @ UNSW or Macq.

    I want to get into a B Arts - Psychology or B Science - Psychology @ Macquarie but my Atar is not enough. So I was thinking, is the B Psychology @ UWS a good course and will it allow me to become a psychologist or will people look down on me because I went to UWS for it? My other option is to...
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    UWS vs Macquarie vs UNSW

    Hey guys, I only got 73.55 and I am interested in studying psychology. My preferences are: 1. B Commerce @ Macq. 2. B Psychology @ UWS 3. B Sci/B Arts @ UNSW 4. B Arts/ B Sci @ Macq. 5. B Arts @ Macq. I'm eligible for EAS bonus points at every institution. I just don't know if I'm happy with...
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    Assiduous - Physics, Economics and Chemistry - What I Will Do. + Questions

    [Only for people who are screwed in work to time ratio] Deathless' idea. Please forgive me if this isn't allowed. But I'm just going to post what form of work I am going to do until my Trials, and if I post it; I think it's sorta like a promise to myself and BoredOfStudies (although I don't...
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    Anyone out there who do HSC PHYSICS, who can explain the concept of Projectile Motion to me and how/when to use each of the formula's given? I was very sick in the first term of HSC work and i missed out. I covered the other stuff in Space briefly in the summer break by myself but i couldn't...
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    How can I stop myself from waking up in the afternoon and sleeping in the morning?

    What Time Do You Guys Think I Should Go To Sleep Tonight If I Want To Wake Up At 6am Tomorrow? The other day i got out of bed at 8pm for breakfast and went to sleep the next day at 8am. Then i woke up at like 5pm and slept at 7am. Finally, i woke up yesterday at about 4pm and it's 9:34am and...
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    Studying for trials efficiently and sleeping well.

    How can I stop myself from waking up in the afternoon and sleeping in the morning? It's 9 and i haven't slept since waking up at 5PM in the afternoon yesterday. Lately I have been waking up in the afternoon (anywhere between 4-5 PM) and then I don't feel tired at all until 7 AM. I've tried to...
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    Help with finding parts for DC electric motor.

    Hi guys, does anyone know where i can get parts for my DC motor e.g. copper wire, MAGNETS (large ones), carbon brushes... I'm sooo lost. I can't find big magnets. :( Thanks guys for any help.
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    Repeat the HSC.

    Hi there, I'm a 2010 HSC student whose marks at the moment aren't very promising at all. I'll post some of my half- yearly marks. eng (adv) = 75% maths (2u) = 41% FAILED ext maths = in the 20% range FAILED physics = 64% chem = 45% FAILED economics = 64 % im 2nd in physics and 1st in...
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    Error in my HSC timetable?

    I am not taking a certain subject and included it in my personal timetable, even after i have dropped it last term. What now?
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    How bad is your eyesight?

    How nearsighted are you? If you're eyes are different select the shoddier one. It'd be interesting to see the results.
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    Hello, I'm asking a question on behalf a friend who asked me something rather interesting that i didn't know the answer to. She wants to know: when she should tell Centrelink about her TWO WEEK temporary employment? Like when she gets paid by her employer or after her last shift.. etc She...
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    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Hey guys where i can watch the whole series? I watched the first episode of it in class and loved it. So funny and hilarious. Anyone else?
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    Do you turn heads when you are out with your partner?

    Do you turn heads at shopping malls with your significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend? Who does?
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    half palo-half anglo girl with korean guy.

    Anyone else know such a relationship? What are your views on middle easter girls with asian males?
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    Dating your bestfriend?

    Anyone do it?
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    Height in relationships..?

    What is your height? What's the height of your crush/significant other/bf/gf? Boys would you date a girl taller than you? Girls would you date a boy shorter than you? Is height of any importance in relationships/dating? I'd love to hear your opinions. :wave: