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    Eng + pure maths / stats

    Okay so I want to do mechanical engineering instead of mechatronic lel... What's more valuable with a mechanical degree ? Stats or pure maths?
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    Binary Operation simple question

    Hey guys I know what a binary operation is (or I think I do) but how do we prove it ? Thanks
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    Discrete Maths Last Minute questions

    Thanks mainly Integrand for saving me from dropping out of my degree by helping me in maths 1B but I need everyone's help just a bit longer for discrete maths. $ 1) For B $ = $ { $ \varnothing,0,{1} $ } , are the following statements true or false? $ a) \varnothing \subset $ B. Why ?$...
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    maths 1B last minute questions

    $ 1) T is a linear transformation in $ L(U,V) $ and $ u_1, u_2,..u_n \in U. $ Given that $ T(u_1), T(u_2)...T(u_n) $ are linear independent elements of V, prove that $u_1,u_2...u_n $ are also linear independent. Also prove the converse is false. $ $ 2) Prove that the Eigenvalues of an n x n...
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    The Code Marathon.

    Hey guys... I've noticed there hasn't really been any code type threads. So I've decided to make a code thread to post and solve problems. RULES: 1. Try to solve all remaining problems before posting a new one. 2. Try sticking with common languages such as c, java etc... ( So everyone can...
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    Limit question

    $ Is the function $ f(x) = \frac{(x-2)}{(x-2)(x-5)} $ continuous at $ x = 2 \ ? $ how about differentiable $ ?
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    C code array help.

    How do we find the largest term in an array ?
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    Second Principle of Induction.

    Vat... How does this even work ? $ ''The (Second) Principle of Mathematical Induction. $ \\ $ If, for any statement involving a positive integer, n, the following are true: $ \\ \\ $ The statement holds for n=1, and $ \\ \\ $ Whenever the statement holds for all n $ \geq k $, it must also...
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    Mechanics with increasing mass and decreasing g.

    How do we solve mechanics questions where mass changes and also g changes. For example a rocket entering a space cloud the g increases the closer you get and the mass of the rocket increases. Also shouldn't we work with variable g when doing any mechanics question in the vertical motion? How do...
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    Need help pls :(

    Okay so what I did was enrolled into higher maths but without realising I didn't enroll in any tutes D: I can't change this (and I also want to change my lecture time.) I tried dropping it and it didn't let, I tried swapping it and it didn't let... It writes "Unable to swap course MATH1141...
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    What requirements are needed for Engineering Mechanics?

    It says I don't meet the requirements for it ? How do I do it D:
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    what other science degrees are there?

    Im doing adv maths + mechat engineering and app I need one more science ? Any recommendations. Right now I put evolution but thats going to kill me with boredom and I already chose higher physics what else is there?
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    Drsoccerball's Maths Tutoring

    Hey guys :) It's about time I do something with my life... So I'm going to start tutoring. You can see my marks in my signature if you're wondering. I can tutor maths (and maybe physics) depending on you. I can tutor any level of maths besides general from year 10+ I can drive to you or we can...
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    Double degree- mechatronic + maths

    Does UNSW have any double degrees with Mechatronic engineering? If so how do we put it as our preferences and how is there a combined degree of maths?
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    Drsoccerball's Free Physics notes

    Hey guys it's been a while. As a way of returning back to Boredofstudies I think it's fitting I give something back. Even though I got 89 in physics and missed out on a band 6 I feel as though a few people can benefit from my notes I made. They're pretty detailed and easy to understand...
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    HSC results Date ?

    When do we actually get our marks is it on the 15th or 16th I know ATAR is one days after the results but when's the subject results come out?
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    Differential equations

    Is there a way to solve a differential equation (which there obviously is...) or do we just figure it out by subbing random functions into the equation ?
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    HSC results

    When are we getting the HSC results and I'll most likely be in Africa at the time am I able to check it from there (Assuming theres internet)
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    Discovery help.

    I know it may be a bit too late but can someone read my creative and my essay and tell me what to fix?
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    Mechatronic vs civil...

    So I wanted to become a Mechatronic engineer but apparently theres no jobs in Australia... My brothers a civil engineer and hes getting alllllll kinddddds of civil engineering jobs... Do you guys think I should do something like civil as well?