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  1. omar273

    UAI 99.90 - Tutoring for Eng Adv (96), Eng Ext1 (5th in NSW) and German Cont (96)

    Hi, I'm an experienced tutor who completed my HSC in 2005 and received a UAI of 99.90 - 3rd in the Grade Sydney Boys High School I am now taking available for Year 12 2007. Also, I would like to limit my tutoring to these three subjects, as I know them best. If I do tutor you, I might be able...
  2. omar273

    Profile - Political Views

    In the political view question in the user profile, where is socialism?? Surely that's a major political force?
  3. omar273

    Australian Students Prize NSW Criteria

    Apart from the Premier's Award, there's a Commonwealth funded HSC prize:http://www.dest.gov.au/sectors/school_education/programmes_funding/programme_categories/scholarships_awards_prizes/australian_students_prize/default.htm Does anyone know the criteria for the NSW HSC recipients? They...
  4. omar273

    invitation from USYD?

    USYD and UNSW High Achievers Invitation Did anyone else receive an invitation from USYD today (it came in express post - don't know why?) to come to lunch on 4th jan (uni open day). I think because i got a high uai, they're trying to steer me to usyd, but i had my eye set on unsw from day 1...
  5. omar273

    SAM vs JUAI

    Since these two predictors use the same 2004 UAC statistics and results, why do they scale some subjects differently, therefore giving a different aggregate and giving a different UAI prediction? Oh, and i'm pretty sure that for JUAI 2004, when one enters a relatively high aggregate, it gives...
  6. omar273

    question about moderating

    hi, i'm currently a year 12, and i accelerated german continuers last year. After reading the thread on moderating, i have a query. In my internal school assessment, i was ranked 2nd out of 3. In my hsc external exam i was ranked again 2nd out of 3. I achieved a hsc exam mark of 97 and my...
  7. omar273

    only person enrolled?

    um, i'm just wondering, in my school, i'm the only perosn who does latin continuers (ha ha). After reading laz's thread on moderating, i've come to the conclusion, that i'll just end up with my hsc examination mark for my moderated school assessment mark as well. is this true? Here's my...
  8. omar273

    2003 HSC BOS Standard Packages

    Does anyone know when the 2003 Standard Packages for all subkects will be released? Thanks
  9. omar273

    Yr 11 Neap and Independent Chemistry Exams

    Hi everyone i would really appreciate if any of you guys can help me out if u have got any prelim neap / independent chem papers. If anyone has any or has a url or something, please let me know. It would really help. Cheers. ;)