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    do we have to apply...

    Seeing as I have a room at UniLodge. When next year comes will I have to go through the whole application process again or will I simply be offered another contract?
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    when is everyone moving to canberra?

    What date are you guys heading to Canberra? I've got my accommodation sorted I just need to book my flights. So o-week starts on the 15th and enrollment on the is on the 18th, I'm probably looking to get down there on the 14th. Oh and in the enrollment book it says: Are people staying at...
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    acceptance of offer?

    I'm trying to accept my offer on the ANU website but I get this: Is that a typo or do I actually have to wait a month?
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    Centrelink - Rent Assistance

    ^Sorry for typo Just curious, would living at an ANU residential college make one eligible for rent assistance?
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    Associate Degree Question

    Hey guys, I posted this in the ANU section a while ago but all I got was one smart arse comment, so I'll try my luck here. I'm just wondering about the ANU Associate Degree, on the site it states: If this is the case how do they decide who gets accepted and who doesn't? I'm guessing it's...
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    Blacktown Campus Accomodation Question...

    On the TAFE website it states: http://wsi.tafensw.edu.au/international/students/support/accommodation.aspx Anyone have any idea if this is the case for domestic students as well? Or only international? I emailed them a few days ago, haven't received a reply. If noone knows I'll just give...
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    ANU College / Associates Degree Question

    Just a few questions regarding the ANU College and the Associate Degree... I really want to attend ANU, so this is just a 'back up' in case I don't obtain the required ATAR. When undertaking the Associates degree one can then enroll in a Bachelors Degree and will receive up to 48 credit points...
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    Advanced Diploma ---> Bachelors Degree?

    First of all, I was wondering what the requirements might be to undertake the "Advanced Diploma in Arts" at UNE, on the course information page it just states "Normal admission requirements apply". And If I were to complete an Advanced Diploma in either Arts or Sciences would I be eligible to...
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    is this true / common?

    I've heard that some universities, if they still have vacancies in certain courses they will accept the next best students into the course just to fill the places, even if the students UAI is well below the cut off. I personally know of someone who was accepted into a course and was over 5 UAI...
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    EAS Question

    EAS Booklet I just read the EAS thread and it seems I cannot open the .pdf to read the e-handbook. Would anyone have another link to this file? Thanks in advance.
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    usyd UAI question

    Was just researching a course on the usyd website and just came across something I'm not to sure about..In the course information it says: What does it mean by CSP UAI and Fee Paying UAI, what is the difference amd why is one lower than the other?
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    Bond University...Requirements?

    Have no idea which uni I will attend in '10, just looking around at the moment and I came across Bond - and I'm confused. I have been looking over the course prerequisites and requirements and for most courses it just says "successful completion of year 12, or the equivalent". So does this...