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    Rate my timetable/10 (CommSci)

    My thoughts: Monday is fine, evenly spread Tuesday is only lectures but a long day, I might ceebs this day and sometimes skip it Wednesday is definitely the worst one, has a huge 3 hour gap in the middle and then back to back tutorials. And I've been unable to fix this due to things being...
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    Did anyone else answer the wrong question?

    I think i'm screwed... I took like 55mins to do Mod B and then around 50 to do C leaving me with 15 mins... i was stressing out because I couldn't find my question and I kept flicking through section I so i just ended up doing the first question for like 10 mins :S Am I going to get any marks...
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    ATAR estimate please

    Subjects: English (Adv): 84/140 2U Maths: 6/73 (top 30 got band6 last year) 3U Maths: 81/119 (top 80 b6 last year) Chemistry: 19/82 Business Studies: 8/34 Economics: 21/65 English and 3U ranks are terrible but 3U isn't much of a concern (school is strong in maths), but I'm wondering how much...