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  1. omar273

    UAI 99.90 - Tutoring for Eng Adv (96), Eng Ext1 (5th in NSW) and German Cont (96)

    Hi, I'm an experienced tutor who completed my HSC in 2005 and received a UAI of 99.90 - 3rd in the Grade Sydney Boys High School I am now taking available for Year 12 2007. Also, I would like to limit my tutoring to these three subjects, as I know them best. If I do tutor you, I might be able...
  2. omar273

    Good Luck to the Class of 2006 from the Class of 2005

    As a HSC 2005er, I would like to openly give a big good luck to all 06ers! I remember the immense stress and anxiety that was pumping through me this time of the year, and I got through it and you will too. I'd like to give a particular shout out to the Sydney High Class of 2006. Do even...
  3. omar273

    $4000 grant ??

    Actually if you ask around, if students were offered a place in Med at UNSW or Med at USYD (which isn't really undergraduate-it's just reserving your place in Grad Med later (and you have to keep a very high average), they usually always choose UNSW. The only reason I think for someone opting...
  4. omar273

    $4000 grant ??

    I've checked UNSW scholarships website, and there are some interesting guidelines: Eligibility NSW and ACT High School Principals will be asked to nominate the School's top student, based on the average of available academic results for years 11 and 12. The number of places is...
  5. omar273

    $4000 grant ??

    apparently, this is a new one-off grant which is given to the dux of any high school who chooses to study at unsw. I don't think there's an interview, and since it's one-off, I don't think you have to maintain a certain average like the Scientia Scholarship (99.90 or over). In the case of...
  6. omar273

    Who's goin for a Premier's Award?

    Good luck guys. Around 900 people in the state get a Premier's Award every year. It is awarded for receiving ten or more units at 90% or above. Accelerated subjects count and English doesn't have to be part of your ten units. The trophy is just a slab of glass, but the honour is more...
  7. omar273

    creative responce vs responce based on set text

    Well, the short answer is no one knows. In 2001 and 2003, students were asked to write a creative writing piece based on their prescribed texts, so it definitely is a possibility. To be sure, be prepared for both situations. I'm with you, I hated writing about my prescribed text as a...
  8. omar273

    Attention - People with State Rankings or Olympiad involvement or similar achievement

    sounds a little too good to be true, but I admit, I'm interested
  9. omar273


    I personally wouldn't delve too far into critical interpretations. (It's not Module B). The syllabus doesn't ask you to subject your texts to critical interpretations. You would be much better off tracing how The Skull... reflects a certain aspect of the evolution of the Crime Fiction genre...
  10. omar273

    Songs as Supplementary Texts in English (2u / 3u)

    i wouldn't choose a song myself, unless your analysis is very, very sharp and sophosticated. In English (esp new HSC), impressions count. And unless your analysis is spectacular, a song as a ORM is generally looked down upon (mainly because techniques used in songs are very simplified - mainly...
  11. omar273

    Which Do You Think Is Harder?

    I think the Latin term you're looking for is id est (which means that is). anyway, my thoughts on this: definitely maths ext 2 is much harder than english ext 2. Have you seen some of the higher order maths in the syllabus? Resisted motion? Circular motion? CONICS? so much harder than...
  12. omar273

    Genre Theorists

    don't worry about citations. They take up valuable time and words too
  13. omar273

    selective high schools and UAI's

    It is quite natural to feel that, since you're in a selective school, your rank would be higher in a non-selective school. But that really wouldn't make any difference, since the grade rankings are aligned to the final HSC Exam marls your grade as a whole receives. If you want any...
  14. omar273

    Australian Students Prize

    Yes I got it! finally, I have been phoning and emailing since practically last year It says that our names will be published in a "national newspaper" - i assume it's the australian? And the criteria is set by the Board of Studies, so UAI is not an issue. It is based solely on HSC Marks...
  15. omar273

    study guides

    of course there are, just not as many I know for revenge there's a nice success to Revenge Tragedy (It's a yellow book). I have also seen a couple of Crime fiction guides too. You can also sometimes get lucky when you find an individual study guide for one of your texts that aren't linked...
  16. omar273

    Creative Writing Prep

    Any preparation, even minimal is better than none. There is a tendency among English students to say "Oh it's a creative, I can't prepare and I'll just think on the spot" This is all very well and good if you are a perfect, fluent, high speed, creative person, but for the most of us a little...